Adventures of a First Time Triathlete

I signed up for the Trek Women’s Triathlon many, many months ago when I got an email telling about a discount for the first annual event. I tried to convince friends to do it with me. After all it was something I had to do in 2009. I had to cross this sucker off of my ‘manifestations’ list.

Well, the time has come (and gone now!) and here are the adventures of a first time triathlete.

I knew swimming would be my strong suit. I was a swimmer growing up. A very competitive swimmer to be exact. And I know how to race this event.

Before the triathlon I had dreams I came out first from the water. I didn’t come out first (mainly because I was in the 10th heat) but I did kick ass! 10th out of 935 women!!!

Things start to go up hill after the swim…

I mean, come on, could I convince you that I was NOT a first time triathlete? Look at that crooked helmet!

And then there was the run. This was the first time I’ve run in 6 months due to a foot injury. The tri was a sprint tri so only a 5k. The run felt pretty good, and I am debating whether to start training for a half marathon this weekend or giving my foot more time to heal. Along with completing a triathlon in 2009, I told myself I would heal my foot 100% also.

And a happy first time triathlete… crossed that finished line and crossed completing a triathlon in 2009 off my list.

Maybe you could give competing in a triathlon a try. An all woman’s race is a great place to start where you will fell comfortable and supported!

Before we jumped in the water for the swim, Sally Edwards told my heat our mantra, “I am a bad ass.” And I am.

Be well,


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