Always be prepared…to eat healthy.

In order to maintain a healthy diet you must always be prepared. I am on the road often for work so I’ve developed quite a routine for preparing myself to eat well.

Here are some tips to make sure you are always prepared whether at your house or on the road:
1. Have fresh fruit cut and in Tupperware containers for easy snacking at home and for easy packing & later snacking while traveling.
2. Never leave home with out a bottle of water and a healthy snack. A banana or trail mix makes a great snack.
3. If you have to get on an airplane ALWAYS have a meal packed. I find a veggie wrap with hummus travels well.
4. Freeze very ripe bananas (remove peel first) for easy smoothie making. Ripe, frozen bananas are the key to yummy smoothies.
5. Have a fridge full of fresh fruits and veggies so you are not tempted. This not only helps you eat well but it is friendly on the budget too!
6. Granola bars make great snacks and pack well.

eat well,


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