Things to Manifest in 2009

This is my first post. And it is quite fitting that this post takes me to a nice starting point in time. New Year’s Eve.

Each year when most folks are thinking up resolutions, I think up manifestations. Every year after I celebrate New Year’s Eve in style I begin my list. I save my list on google docs so I can access it anywhere for inspiration, additions, or deletions. After all I want my list to manifest with the times.

Without further ado, here is the list I made sometime in the New Year 2009.

1. to heal my foot (I suffered a running injury after training for a marathon)
2. Be healthy and happy
3. Look good – slim, trim, and buff!
4. Lose 5 lbs.

To achieve my goals, I will:
1. Get a personal trainer to improve my core strength
2. Compete in one triathlon
3. Avoid eating past 7:30 pm
4. Eat lots of fresh fruits & veggies and avoid sweets
5. Check my weight every Friday
6. Reward myself with at least monthly massages

Well, I can’t say that I’ve followed everything to a T. In fact tonight’s dinner was eaten at 8 pm; but it was a plate full of fresh veggies and for desert I had a yummy Choco-Banana smoothie. (recipe coming soon, but I fear my new finding will cause some of my successes to slip!) I haven’t been diligent about checking my weight EVERY Friday. And in fact I might check my weight on a Saturday if I’m feeling like it. (Truth be told… I only check my weight when I feel ‘light’ and always first thing in the morning naked!). And I haven’t been able to treat myself to monthly massages mainly because I’m busy with life and can’t afford it right now (I’m planning a wedding!)

I do though keep track of how much I exercise each day (fortunate to have a dog that LOVES being outside and lets me know atleast 4 times a day it is time for a walk!), work out with a personal trainer once a week, excerise daily, and eat a vegan diet heavy in raw fruits and vegetables.

As of today, September 10, 2009 I can report that I have manifested:
healing my foot (about 95%… I still have some more to do)
am healthy and happy
look slim, trim and buff!
have lost 5 lbs (8 to be exact)

How is that for a first post?

be well,

Ringing in the New Years at dinner in downtown Sarasota with my fiance, his brother and his brother’s wife.

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