Managing Stress

Stress is a beast. It can cause major health problems. We must all learn how to manage the stress that enters our life. I admit. I’m horrible with stress. The second stress creeps in my life, my brain starts going a mile a minute, and so does my body. I feel everything change in an instant, and I can’t control it. It sucks.

I juts lived through 2 very stressful days with work. I’ve been having anxiety over these days for over a month now and when the time finally came, I faced the music. I was expecting the worse, hoping for the best. Guess what? I got the worst. The part that kills me the most is my hands were tied. I was at the mercy of techonlogy which failed me. I guess there is much worse.

Right now I’m trying to decompress. My brain is fried. I have a headache. I do get to sleep in tomorrow which is good, and I hope to wake refreshed and out of this shock.

How do you manage stress?

Here is a song by Michael Franti…. he always makes you feel good.


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