Good posture.

Do you sometimes catch yourself slumping in your chair? I do. I work at a desk from my home office, and I often finish the day with a knots in my shoulders and pain in my back. My chair is so comfortable that I often relax in it so much that I’m basically slumping over my desk. This can’t be good.

Recently while at a doctor’s visit I noticed my doctor had this thing on her chair. She always has the best posture. I took a picture on my iPhone (love that sucker for memory help later) and looked the product up online. I found the Dynadisc on Amazon and read up about it. “While remaining in the safety of your chair, you can experience many of the same benefits of a gymball for performing lower back, trunk mobility, pelvic stabilization and weight shift exercises. The Dyna-Disc is perfect for seniors, students or anyone AND it can be stood on for lower extremity balance training. It is ideal for use at home, in the office or even at a ball game.”

I didn’t plan on using my dynadisc for exercise, but for help with my posture just like my doctor. Sitting on this actually forces you to sit up straight, and if I am getting exercise done while sitting that is always a plus as well!

Today is Day 1 with the Dynadisc and so far no big shoulder knots to speak of.

I could still use a massage though!


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