In Celebration of Earth Day… the EarthBox!

Happy Belated Earth Day.

Every year I intend to plant a tree on Earth Day.  This year though, I opted to start a small garden.  How do you celebrate Mother Earth on Earth Day?  How do you celebrate Earth Day Every Day?

I’m always hesitant to garden because I think I have a black thumb.  I also am not impressed with my non-existent gardening skills.   This year though I decided to forget about all my past failed attempts, and go for it… with the help of the  EarthBox. The EarthBox is the answer to all of us who think we are doomed to fail at growing our own fruits and vegetables, or who forget to water everyday, or who don’t know what type of soil and fertilizer to use.  The EarthBox requires little maintenance and takes the guess-work out of the process.

I know.  I know.  It can’t be that hard to put a seed in the ground and water it and a few months later have some food.   But apparently I can’t handle that, so I’ve decided to boost my gardening confidence with the help of two EarthBoxes.

I’ll share with you all the journey of two cherry tomato plants, 2 red bell pepper plants, 2 orange bell pepper plants, a sweet banana pepper plant, and a hot banana pepper plant!

Here are the pictures from planting day, April 17th.

The Goods!

Tomatoes Week 1

Tomatoes at Planting

Peppers at Planting

After I planted the plants, they were looking a little weak!  By the next morning they had their mojo back!

And after one week, this is what “my garden” is looking like!

Tomatoes After 1 Week

Peppers after 1 Week*

*  So I know what you are thinking!  The little one in the top right hand corner of the Peppers family isn’t doing so hot!   He is making me feel bad.  I know I went out of town for 3 days this week, but I watered before and I watered when I got home.  Plus the EarthBox is self-watering, and the box was not low on water when I got home.  Plus, all his cousins are doing good, so I’m not sure what is going on with him.  I gave Orange Pepper plant some lovin’ this morning and I hope tomorrow is a new day for the little one!

On a more positive note – look how much they’ve all grown (except the “little one”) in one week!  I can’t wait to see what 8-10 weeks bring!

Eat well,




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2 responses to “In Celebration of Earth Day… the EarthBox!

  1. Amy

    Great blog. I just bought my own earthbox! Thanks!

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