Sweaty Bands Review & Give Away!

I first saw Sweaty Bands at the expo for the Gasparilla Half-Marathon in 2009.  There was a big crowd around the booth, so my friend Jewell and I stopped to see what the big commotion was all about.  Sweaty Bands boasted, “OMG…. the headband that doesn’t slip.”  Skeptical, Jewell and I bought one (and scored a freebie) to test ourselves during the race.  Having tried numerous other products like the Goodie brand and other drug store let-downs, we were not sure if such a thing exisited as a non-slip headband.   What head bands do you use?  Do they slip when you exercise?

Excuse us... it was 5 am!

The verdict is ….. Sweaty Bands do live up to what they claim! These non-slip headbands keep your hair back and out of your face and are the perfect accessory to a running outfit (or bikini if beach volleyball is your gig).  The trick to these suckers is the velvet lining on the inside that will not slide around your head once you get going – whether you are running a marathon, playing volleyball, in a soccer game, or just running around town, Sweaty Bands works!

No slipping with the SweatyBand!

Sweaty Bands has made quite a name for themselves.  You can find them at various expos or online.  Take advantage of their most recent accomplishment – official sponsor of the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour – and score 15% off your entire web order.  Use code AVP when checking out, and order before May 23 (my birthday) to get the savings!

Or score your FREE  Sweaty Band by becoming a follower of this blog and leave us a comment telling us about your biggest athletic accomplishment!

Be well,



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9 responses to “Sweaty Bands Review & Give Away!

  1. Lori Anderson

    I’ve been looking all over for some hairbands that help w the sweat vs. wearing bandanas and looking all goofy! This is one I’ve been meaning to test out.
    My biggest accomplishment is just getting up and working out. I’ve been committed to learning to run again and hope to do more 5K’s this year.

  2. Janis

    Thank you for this post. I have to wear a hat to keep my hair back and the SweatyBands is a perfect solution. My greatest accomplishment so far is training for and running a 10 miler. I’m looking forward to running a half-marathon soon… hopefully in my new sweaty band.

  3. Lindsey

    Hello, I would like to win a sweatyband. I’ve added you to my reader! This year I ran a marathon with my mom! It was so amazing to see her cross the line!

  4. lee

    I’d love a sweaty band, esp with the warm weather ahead. My greatest athletic accomplishment so far is completing a couple Ironman races.

  5. Amy

    I am a follower of your blog. Love it!

  6. Sarah

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve been looking for a new hair band so I’m excited to try this!
    This was several years ago, but my greatest athletic accomplishment to date was joining Cross Country in high school. I was the chunky kid who couldn’t run more than one lap around the track. Well, I decided enough was enough and I just up and joined Cross Country. It was really hard, and I never was particularly fast, but the experience changed my life. Have I done more impressive physical feats? Probably. But I consider this the greatest because all the emotion contained in it.

  7. Jen

    I just started following your blog. Thanks for this review – I’ve been looking for a headband that will actually stay on my head! My greatest recent athletic accomplishment is just getting out and starting to run again!

  8. Heather

    I am so excited to find someone who provided an honest opinion of the sweaty bands products. I saw them recently at an Expo but was skeptical as to how well they would work. I use headbands that I’ve gotten at drugstores, but find myself frequently disappointed (either too big, too tight, slip, etc). I was hesitant to try them due to the price, but would love to receive a free one to try before I invest in a supply.

    My most recent athletic accomplishement was running the Boston Marathon two weeks ago. I have qualifed multiple times in the past, but injuries, surgeries, & big life events have kept me out of the race. Nonetheless, this year I completed it…and ran a PR! Crossing that finish line was the best racing moment of my life! I can’t wait to do it again! 🙂

  9. Jen…. you are the winner of the new sweaty band. Please email me your address so you can claim your prize! eatlivebewell@gmail.com

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