On the road again…

My job involves traveling, some months more so than others, but none the less, I’m on the road quite a bit.   To keep up just like I’m at home, I like to continue to eat well and exercise while on business trips.  It isn’t easy, and it involves a little more planning  (and will power) that just packing a bag and going.

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a whirlwind trip.  I normally like to fly during the middle of the day so I can still get my morning workout in at the Y and then arrive at my destination before dark.  This past week wasn’t the case.  I arrived into Jacksonville, North Carolina at 11 pm (well past my bed time).  As I was driving to my hotel I passed a Thai restaurant with a sign that said “Vegetarian Menu.”  I don’t eat out much when I’m home, and I don’t like to eat out much when I travel.  But I was very much tempted by that sign.

The next morning I woke up, hit snooze past my 6 am work out-wake up call and told myself I would run that evening.  I quickly discovered that I forgot my black pants.  All I had was my jeans.  Not going to work for visiting a client.  Off to Target I went and found myself a nice black pencil skirt that did the trick.

For lunch, I found the one and only health food store in town and picked up a small bite to eat.  I wasn’t very impressed with their selection, but I was surprised to even find a health food store in Jacksonville.  I took my odds and ends lunch (a cliff bar, banana, and kombucha) to the park to relax before meeting back up with the client.

After a successful day training, I hit up Marshall’s and Ross and scored a cute pair of black sandals.  I was just trying to talk myself out of running.  It worked since I soon found myself saying “Sawadee” to the hostess at the Thai restaurant.  I was hungry and in need of some Vegan Thai food.

Back to the hotel I went for trashy TV (TMZ, Extra, etc.) and Thai food.   I had a 4 am wake up call to catch my 6 am flight back home.

I’m normally not this indulgent (cliff bar for lunch – Curry for dinner), but sometimes life on the road shakes my routine up a bit.

Here is what I normally like to eat while on the road.

Whole Foods Salad Bar - grain burger, wild rice and salad

1 week in San Francisco requires lots of fruit!

Breakfast. I recycled the container from whole foods, then cut up fruit in it every day!

I normally put in “Whole Foods,”  “health food store”, “vegetarian,” etc. into my iPhone map and see where it takes me.  If I am staying more than one or two nights, I will request a fridge in my hotel room, shop at the grocery store and make salads, oatmeal, and cut fruit in my room.  I once even made my famous grape gacuamole to bring to a pot luck while in San Francisco.  My co-workers were impressed that I made it in my room.  I just had to live with the smell of Mexican food for the next week.

While it is hard to eat well on the road, you can surly do it incorporating some of these options:

– Request a fridge in your room.

– Stop at the grocery store and stock up on healthy favorites.

– Instant oatmeal and a banana is an easy breakfast on the go.

– If you are checking in a bag, be sure to pack a small knife so you can cut fruit and vegetables.

– Buy salad food – bag of spinach, tomatoes, carrots, avocado, and salad dressing – easy to make in a hotel room.

– Take extra to-go boxes at the grocery salad bar to have as a plate or pack a lunch in a tupperware for the plane and use that as a plate for the rest of the week.

– Keep a fork, spork, or thai spoon in your purse at all times.

What do you do to stay healthy on the road?  Share you tips and tricks please!


I’ve cleared away part of my lawn and added a new garden in my backyard.  It makes me so happy spending time out there watching my plants go.  The earth boxes are growing seriously right before my eyes.  Tons of tomatoes and peppers!  I can’t wait to make a fresh salad with them.

In the new bed I’ve planted herbs (thai basil, basil and cilantro), two heirloom tomatoes, collards, okra, two types of watermelon, yellow squash, acorn squash, cucumber, and two types of lettuce by seed.

Here is a picture of the garden.  This is week 5 on the earth boxes.  Sorry I didn’t update y’all last week.  I was too busy planting the new garden!


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