Seek out Silence

In  Natural Health Magazine‘s “Make One Change – a simple step towards wellness” column, it talks about seeing out silence.  Often times our lives are so hectic with work, kids, family and friends, that we need to find calmness amongst the chaos.

I’m a HUGE proponent of “me” time; however, I’m fiercely independent so this works for my personality (those social butterflies like my Mom and sister who have parties, benefits, happy hours,  etc. every night of the week probably have a harder time with this).  What do you do to ‘seek out silence’?

Here is what the article mentions to SEEK OUT SILENCE –
1. Find out what silence means for you. Webster Dictionary defines it as the “absence of sound of noise;”  however, you might consider silence listening to crashing waves or the sound of birds chirping.  Experiment and find the ‘silence’ that feels most peaceful to you.

2. Rethink your shower time.  Instead of thinking of it as one more thing you have to do, become conscious of that quiet time.  It might be all you get.

3. Grow something.  It doesn’t have to be a whole garden, but a small potted plant in your house can calm your mood.  Taking care of a plant does not require your verbal attention.  You can curse it all you want, and it still will do pretty things like bloom or grow vegetables for you (just remember to water it!).

4. Take a tech break.  Turn off all electronics and become unconnected.  I know.  That is unheard of in our day and time, but it is freeing.

Some other ways I like to seek out silence….

Walk the Dog.  I cherish our daily walks because I get to clear my head, enjoy the beautiful weather, and be with my best buddy outside.  Sometimes my husband will say I can sleep in and he’ll walk the dog, but I always say no.  Walking Lucky Girl is the best part of my day!

Swim.  I feel most at home in the water.  Nothing beats cooling off on a hot summer’s day in the pool while getting exercise in swimming laps.  Check out this post on work out ideas.

Hike. Hit the trail solo style (be sure to tell a friend exactly what trail you are on and what time you should be expected to finish).

Run.  Lace up those shoes, and hit the road – without your iPod.  Enjoy the journey.  Maybe you can run a new route and change things up a bit.

Read a book.  In the park.

Meditate.  I wish I did this more, but I’m not good at sitting still.  (Did you know there is walking meditation though?)  Meditating really helps with mental clarity.

What are some ways you SEEK OUT SILENCE?

Changing gears…..

Just a little update on my garden.  Well, the earth boxes are worth every damn penny.  The tomato plants are out of control.  We’ve picked a few and enjoyed them on salads and wraps so far.  They are quickly becoming ripe, and I anticipate soon we will be eating tomatoes like they are going out of style.

The peppers in the earth boxes are also doing well; however I am having a bit of a pest problem there.  Does anyone know of a good organic way to fight pests?

The planter beds are also doing great.  My husband and I swear plants are growing practically right before our eyes.  Those beds contain, 2 heirloom tomatoes, basil, Thai basil, cilantro, mint (just planted it at this weekend), collard greens, okra, cucumber, 2 mystery plants my neighbor gave me (I think one is squash and the other is ?), arugula,2 types of watermelon, and eggplant (also just planted it this weekend).  Look how nice it is doing.

We are also in the process of digging up our grass and adding in flower beds in the back of our house.  We also will be planting a tree.  However…. projects seem to take a long time in this household, but soon our backyard will be our own garden oasis.

For dinner….

My husband and I have been married for 4 months today.  Ah…. So,  I grabbed him this morning and made him dance around the house to celebrate.

It was perfect timing because our wedding videographer just emailed me to tell me that our wedding video was ready for us to preview.   Over a delicious dinner we watched our whole wedding day!  (you can watch the condensed trailer here.)

We enjoyed a big ole salad and my yummy butternut squash soup (seriously the easiest and best soup on this planet…I don’t care that it is summer… this soup transcends seasons.  I will blog about it soon.)

I hope you have a fabulous week.

Be well,


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