Help! Tomato Plants… Under Attack!

The two cherry tomato plants that are in the EarthBox are kicking ass.  The past few weeks I have not had to buy tomatoes at the store because I can just go and pick them right off the vine when I want to enjoy them!  That is pretty cool.

What isn’t cool is the critters that are also enjoying my vine ripened tomatoes.  I had previously suspected that birds were eating my tomatoes.  Evidence #1: I frequently saw birds flying out of the plants or propped up on the top support bar chilling.  My lawyer (aka – my husband) would call that circumstantial though!   Evidence #2:  There are numerous tomatoes with holes in them that appear to have been made from the beak of a bird.  Again, lawyer hubby would call that circumstantial.   Evidence #3 is a little more convincing, but might still might not hold up in a court of law.  Last weekend, my husband was mowing the lawn.  He came in to tell me, “Carolyn, do you want the good or bad news?”  I respond, “the good.”  I forgot what he said… because then I wanted the bad.  He tells me that he just saw a birdie fly by with a nice red, ripe cherry in its mouth.  Boo!

Not only are the birds attacking the tomato plants, but also this really creepy looking bug.  They normally like to clump together in harmony on my tomato plant leaves and enjoy the sun.  I sometimes shake the branch to get them off, but they just come back when I’m not looking.  WHAT ARE THEY?  AND WHAT DAMAGE ARE THEY DOING TO MY TOMATO PLANTS? (Sorry for the blurry picture.  I couldn’t get that sucker to hold still)

Beside my pest problem, my garden is flourishing.  In the plant beds, squash, watermelons, okra, eggplant, and herbs galore are growing strong.  Here are some pictures of the beds.  (Ignore the sandy lawn, my husband is going to lay new sod soon…. )

PS – Speaking of attack… watch out for all the blog posts I’m about to add.  I have a big stack of Vegetarian Times and other magazines that I need to go through and add the recipes here.  This blog originally started as my way to keep my recipes organized.  I think of this as my personal recipe box that I can share with the world!
Be well,



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