Living the Green Life – “Little Green Dress”

The word green has gone through such a radical identity crisis in the past few years.  Now that the mainstream public is aware of things like global warming, the effects of factory farming, the energy crisis, and other factors effecting our environment, green is officially the new black.

Even fashion is feeling the pressure to go green!  Moving over LBD, the little green dress  – “LGD” is here to stay.     Designers are using sustainable and organic fabrics in their clothing, and consumers seeing the need to help protect our planet, are willing to spend more money for clothes that are environmentally friendly.

Patagonia is one company that is committed to environmentalism.  Not only do they use organic cotton in their clothing, they are fair and ethical to their workers, and they give back to their environment with a “1% for the Planet initiative.”  This isn’t all they do.  You can read about their initiatives here and feel good when you purchase their clothing and outdoor gear.  Although you are paying slightly higher prices, Patagonia clothing lasts for years and is environmentally friendly.

Here are some of my favorites from Patagonia:

Patagonia's Women's Print Boucau Halter Top Swimsuit

Patagonia's Retro Vest

Patagonia's Rain Shadow Trench Coat

Patagonia Women's Morning Glory Tights

What other clothing companies are creating environmentally friendly (yet functional, affordable, and cute) clothing?

Coming soon, other ways to live a greener life!

Be well,

PS – In other news, on the garden front, last weekend we had 3 solid days of RAIN.  Yes!  We needed all of it, and I enjoyed a weekend indoors getting stuff done inside our house.  (It never rains for 3 days straight in Florida.)  B U T… all that rain killed my garden.  I had a few watermelons, cucumbers, and squash growing big and strong and the rain saturated them.  I’ve pulled most of the garden in the beds (kept okra and eggplant).  I think I’m going to keep the earth boxes kicking (tomatoes and peppers!) and then plant some nice flowers, etc in the ground!  We also planted 3 crape mytrles (2 pink, 1 white) and a big palm.  Our backyard is starting to shape up (well, we still need to lay some sod).  I’ll post pictures when it is all complete, but just know, my husband is working hard!

Even fashion is feeling the pressure to go green!

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