Smoothie and a Movie

Sunday night. Wonderful weekend.  My husband and I are having a date night which we like to call “Smoothie and a Movie.”  Come on.  Say it out loud.  How fun is that?

Tonight’s movie is Better off Dead.  I got it at the library for FREE!  I love the library.

And the Smoothie is a Choco-Banana Smoothie.

Choco-Banana Smoothie
(Serves 3)
2.5 frozen bananas (peel and freeze them when they are RIPE)
1 cup ice
2 cups Lite Chocolate Soy Milk
2 cups Almond Milk

Blend in the Vita-Mix until smooth.  Enjoy!



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6 responses to “Smoothie and a Movie

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    Mmmm that looks delish! I’m totally diggin’ the cups!

  2. I Love John Cusack!! And my hubs and I have been staying in alot lately and watching old movies like Scream the other night-HA (;0) and last night Girl with the dragon Tatoo ( it was free also)
    Your smoothie looks Yummy – I love almond milk have you seen the new Dark Choch Almond milk? Yum!!!
    Blessings !!!

    • Hi there. I have not even seen the Dark Chocolate Almond Milk. YUM!!!! I can’t wait to see that at the store. As for our Smoothie and a Movie date… It was fun, yummy, and free! Can’t beat that!

  3. haha I’m all about the public library – I always take out CDs, burn them onto my itunes and then return them! Smoothie looks delicious too!

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