Vegan Eye Candy

For all those that think “what the hell does a vegan eat anyway?”  I recently found two new websites that feature mouth watering food photos – Food Gawker and Taste Spotting.  They make me drool  They make me want to try every single recipe out there.  They make me want to eat dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  (They make me what to have a cute, little baby boy!)

Take a look at these photos:

Source: Vegan Piggy

Source: vanilla & lace

Source: Selfish Vegan

Source: Strawberry Pepper

In other news, in celebration of VegNews Magazine’s 10th Anniversary, they came out with a list of Top 10 Vegan blogs ( I didn’t make the cut.  ha ).  Without further ado…..

Crazy Sexy Life
Manifest Vegan
Post Punk Kitchen Blog
The Voracious Vegan
Vegan Baking
Vegan Dad
Vegans of Color
What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway?
Yeah, That Vegan Shit


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