Get your guns out… Top Gun Triathlon Tomorrow!

So, I know I said in 2010 I will complete another triathlon, but I didn’t expect to do one in the middle of a Florida summer.  I kinda got roped into this one from a girl I swim with.  Racing is addicting.  I might need therapy!

In 2009, I completed my first Sprint Tri.  You can read all about it here.    I was so so damn intimidated by triathlons.  That is what kept me from doing one for years.  But I had enough of my scardey cat attidude, that I just went for it last year.  I was so unprepared.  I swam in my swimsuit.  I put on my running clothes on my first transisition.  I rode a hybrid bike.  BUT…. I still finished.

….. Road or tri bikes. Transitions.  And I was most anxious about getting everything set up.  How do you get the sand off your feet after your swim and you run to your bike and you have to put on shoes?  (Answer, bring a gallon of water to throw on your feet and have a towel OR have a tin on the ground with water in it and rinse your feet in it OR be a total bad ass and just shove your dirty feet into your shoes without socks!)  What time do you have to arrive to set up your bike?  How will you find your bike among the 1119 others (tie a balloon to the bike rack).  I could go on and on with my anxieties, but whatever, I did it, and I’m doing another.

Anyways, I’m no ‘tri expert’ but tomorrow I’ll be completing my my second ever triathlon….I’m a wee bit more prepared the second time around.

Top Gun Triathlon at Fort DeSeto.

I was so excited about the shirts.  At first I thought they were a bit ugly, but then I put it on and was loving the ‘fit.’  So many times I  ‘goodwill’ race shirts because they are fitted for a guy.  I at least try to look good when I exercise and race.   (When I feel hot, I feel ready to kick some major ass!)

My boss … who is an ultra runner, an Iron Man and just an all around bad ass….  Oh did I mention he is about to run across America?… well, we had been talking about my races, and I told him I had to rent a bike for my tri since I didn’t have a road bike.  He then kindly offered me his wife’s bike which is practically brand new!  (Don’t worry, his wife doesn’t like to ride and was okay with gifting it to me!)  I was ecstatic.  My own bike?  I couldn’t believe it.  I had been selling my soul on eBay to get money for a road bike.  Um…. YES!  PLEASE!  I would love to take that bike off your hands.  So Ed shipped it from California to Florida for me.  Sadly, it won’t arrive until Monday and my tri is tomorrow, so I still had to rent a bike.  No biggie… that just means I will have more tris in my near future!  Thank you so much Ed for your kindness!!!  I can’t wait to receive the bike on Monday!

Here is the bike I rented today.  It is a pretty snazzy bike.  On the shelf it is a $2200 bike… Here it is on my car!  yay!

I starting to think I’m failing at being more prepared…   I mean I still haven’t actually worn my tri clothes to swim or bike or run.  I’m just taking the tags off of them tonight.  I bought many different tri shorts and tops – some online from, some at the local bike shop, and some at Sports Authority.  I want to be comfortable (and look good!)  so I decided to wear TYR 6 in. tri shorts and a Nike top.  The Nike top is not a tri top, but it holds me in better than the Pearl Izumi tri top I bought, and I feel great in it.  One problem I was having with tri tops is they are all too short.  The Pearl Izumi was the longest one I found, but it didn’t keep “my girls” in well enough.  I hear lots of tall women complain about tri tops being too short.  The last thing I want is my flub jiggling around when I cross the finish line.  Sorry.  (I mean the bottom elastic of tri shorts is bad enough on the legs!)

Oh well, tomorrow is a trial on many levels – Rented road bike, new tri clothes, heat advisory and I’m in the last heat that starts at 7:42.

As much as I’m not ready, I’m totally ready!  The swim is my strongest event, but this tri is only a 400 yard swim so I don’t have that much time in the water.  Then comes the bike.  ha!  I’ll just get by, but I’m feeling better about it since I have a road bike.  Next up is a 5k.  I’m not the best runner, but I get by.  I’m just concerned about the heat at that point since it will be late in the morning.

I have no idea about what my finish time will be, but I am hoping to swim in <5 minutes (I bet it will be slower since I have to fish out  lots of people), bike in <40 minutes, and run in <29 minutes.  With transitions and all, I hope I finish in < 1 hour 25 minutes.

We shall see…..

Here is my gear all ready to go…..

I still need to figure out what time I need to get up and map out the route, pack my water bottles and food, pack the car, change my watch, double check I have everything, and then I am going to curl up in bed with a good book!

Wish me luck!

Be well,


PS —–  I just bought myself a Garmin 305.  I guess this means I really do have to run the Woman’s Half Marathon in November.



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5 responses to “Get your guns out… Top Gun Triathlon Tomorrow!

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    How exciting!!! You will do great tomorrow!!! Good Luck!!! If I didn’t already have plans to go to CLW I’d def want to go down to Ft. Desoto to cheer for you!!!

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

    Good Luck!

  2. Wow, 5 minutes for the swim? You are the master! Good luck and have a GREAT tri!

    I am doing my first sprint tri in a month.

    I have the wetsuit. I have the tri shorts and accpetable sports bra/tank top. Which I will be wearing under the wetsuit.

    I don’t have a tri or a road bike. I’ll just use my hybrid (I mean, who am I kidding…you are aiming for 5 min on the swim, I am aiming for 30 min…the hybrid bike isn’t going to kill my time or anything).

    I have to practice the transition. I won’t need to change clothes, just get out of the wetsuit, rinse off the feet, and throw them into shoes (no socks! It’s only 10 mile bike and 2 mi run),

    LOVE the Garmin 305. Bought mine in December. Used it to train for my 2nd half marathon. It’s awesome.

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  5. Just reviewing some old posts I missed. Our transition set up is so similar (girly tops aside), as is our taste in Garmin’s apparently, however, I’m going to take a more simplified approach to transitions this year. Details to come I’m sure..

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