I’m home from Top Gun

So I’m back home.  I screwed up my watch so I couldn’t get my own splits and I don’t even know my final time.  I was 15th in my age group, but the printer they used for results was, uhm, missing some ink, so my final time was not actually printed on the sheet.  Annoying, but I’m pleased with the race for the most part, and I’m excited to see what my times actually are.

I off shot the swim big time though.  There was no way I was going to swim anywhere near 5 minutes.   The water was very rough, and after we left the beach swim, we had to run on the beach, then go through this lagoon thingy where the water was over waist deep, before we ran to the transition area.  It was crazy.  Most people ran – high knees- through the lagoon, I swam… it look a lot less energy.    My watch said 8 minutes something for the swim.  I started in the last heat around 7:50.  I was 3rd or 4th out of the water in my heat (age group 20-34)

T1 was pretty uneventful.  It was a long run from the end of the swim to the transition area though.  I got all set to go, and I actually got on my bike and starting biking for about 2 seconds, before I was like “oh shit.  I can’t mount until a certain point.”  Opps!

Since I accidentally stopped my watch instead of hit split after the swim, I have no clue how long the bike took.  I felt great on the bike though.  A few folks passed me, but I felt like I was doing a good deal of passing myself.  That is so much different than my first tri where I was getting passed left and right on a hybrid.  I’m so happy I rented a road bike… it made SUCH a difference.  (And I’m super excited for my bike to come in the mail on Monday so I can have a road bike to call my own!)

T2 was uneventful.  I just had to grab my number belt and hit the road.

I was feeling good up to this point, but then I kept seeing girls in my age group pass me.  I’m not a good runner, I know that, but beyond that, it was hot as hell, and I was just tired.  Did I mention we had to run the back half of the run on sand?!?  It was fairly packed, but still…  I love those little surprises. There was water at every mile, but since we were the last heat, they were low on cups.  I managed to get water at every stop, but at mile 3 I got the last cup of water.  I was so happy because I needed that… even though the finish line was in sight and I only had .1 mile left.  I did start my watch at the beginning of the run, and my time was 30.13.  (Mile 1 – 9.00, Mile 2 – 9.27, and Mile 3 – 10.18).  I walked a solid minute on mile 3 and kept telling myself, “walking isn’t going to get me there any faster.”  But I was just hot and tired!  So I walked.  I’m going to definitely have to work on my runs, but considering I only actually did ONE brick workout prior to this Tri, it wasn’t THAT bad.

So, all and all, I felt good about the race.  I’m anxious to get my final time (not as anxious as I was about setting up my bike and getting there on time though).

I dropped my rental bike at AJ’s Bikes and Boards, went to the library to get some books – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows; Dancing Girls by Margaret Atwood (my favorite author); Rise and Shine by Anna Quindlen; The Teahouse Fire by Ellis Avery, ate lunch, and am going to read and take a nap!  Since we have had NO (zip, zero, nada) TV since Wednesday, it looks like I’ll have lots of time to read!  We are talking about hooking up the antenna just to get the basic channels, but I’m thinking maybe a month with NO TV would be nice.

I’ll report more when I get my final times and splits and update this with some photos.  My swim coach Scot and a gal I swim with Jan both placed in their age group.  Scot – 3rd and Jan – 2nd.  CONGRATS TO THEM!!!

Live well,



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4 responses to “I’m home from Top Gun

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    Great job Carolyn! I was thinking about you this morning wondering how your Tri went! Glad to hear it went well.

  2. Thanks Jena! It was fun (and hot)! I hope my foot stops hurting soon though!

    Are you enjoying your weekend?

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