My Top Gun Results

Results are in…. here is how I did….

1: 14:50

Age 25-29th
15th out of 60
335/1109 overall

SWIM        8:28           6th/60
T1                3:55
BIKE          31:11        24th/60
T2                1:02
RUN           30:16       18th/60



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6 responses to “My Top Gun Results

  1. That’s awesome! Wow, 8 minutes. I cannot even fathom. I think I did about 450m today and it took at least 1/2 hour. The swells were pretty bad for me.

  2. Hi Marcia,
    Thanks for your comment! Where do you swim? Do you always train in open water?

    I train 2x a week with a Master’s team… and then just go out and hope for the best in Open Water. 😉


  3. way to go man! that’s totally awesome – makes me jealous and totally want to try a tri even more

  4. @citygreens…. Tris can be a bit intimidating, but after your first one is out of the way, it is all smooth sailing. Plus lots of tris will score first timers outside of the rest of the folks, so you still have a chance to place! You should totally try it!

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