Container Gardening

After experimenting over the summer with gardening in the EarthBox and in ground, I’ve decided that I like container gardening better.  It is more manageable for my lifestyle.

A Better Homes & Gardens I picked up at the podiatrist’s office two weeks ago was all about container gardening.  “So pretty, so easy” was the tag line of this May 2010 issue.  I am in love with not only the convenience of container gardening but the look of the featured container.  It is made up of Asparagus Fern ‘Myersi’, Supertunia ‘Bordeaux’, Plectranthus ‘Limelight’, Echeveria ‘Sovereign Blue’, and Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nurnberg’.

To make your own, enlarge this picture to see how the plants are arranged in the pot.  Sorry for the poor quality.  It is a picture of the magazine page that I ripped out.

I thought it was kinda random (a sign maybe to motivate me to plant my own),  because a few weeks ago I was browsing the magazine section at the store and snapped a picture of this magazine from GardenGate that I wanted to see if the library had.

Now I’m on a mission to find these exotic plants and start my own “contained” oasis.  For more information on container gardening, visit the Better Homes & Garden website here:

I’d love to hear all about your container gardens – tips, tricks, photos, trials & tribulations, etc.  Please do share!

Be well,


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