Rest Days – Friend or Foe?

So in “the plan stan”, I had a 60 minute ride planned today, but  I decided to skip this morning’s workout and enjoy my morning smoothie on the patio instead of at my computer.   I’m racing a 5k tomorrow and hope to shave a minute or two off my PR with the help of my friend Jena who I’ll be running with.  So, I decided to take a rest day instead since I didn’t have one built in this week.  Boy, do I feel super lazy not to have broken a sweat before most people wake up to face the day!

So my question is, how often do you take a rest day?  And when you do, do you enjoy your day or do you regret not working out?

In the past, it seems like Sundays are my rest day, but with (actually) training for a triathlon and a half-marathon, my work-out routine has been shaken up.  I feel like I’m hitting things a lot harder than I have in the past doing many two-a-days and brick workouts, and my body is saying “chill out will you.”

So.  I take a rest day.  And I try not to think about how satisfying an amazing workout is.  Like early yesterday morning, I took a  spin class that was so intense.  Good intense.   I left there buzzing for the rest of the day.  The loud music, the sweat dripping off my face, the instructor yelling at us like a drill Sargent, the hoots and hollers from the folks in the class.  I just love it. It charged me up so much.

And then last night at swim practice, I raced my friend Greg in the 50 free.  See, Greg has been “talking smack” lately.  So my Coach thought we should finally end the mud slinging once and for all.   It hurt like hell, but I won.


Happy Friday.

Here’s to hoping my rest day gives me energy tomorrow to crush things at the Zoo Run Run.


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One response to “Rest Days – Friend or Foe?

  1. Ed

    Carolyn, excellent question. Most people don’t rest enough…or don’t listen to what the body is telling them about rest. Muscle sprains, lack of motivation, weird heart rates and other signals always point to taking time off.

    Another outlook could be to do something totally different on an off day. Go take a pilates class if you have been running and cycling hard for a few days.

    Nothing beats a day of sluffing off if that is what your body needs! Another way to look at it is if you feel compulsed to work out on an off day, you probably need the day off!

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