Good Folk at St. Pete Folk Festival 2010

This weekend was just beautiful…. full of beautiful people, of beautiful weather, of beautiful places, of beautiful runs, and of beautiful music.

The 2010 St. Pete Folk Festival was one of the coolest places I’ve been in awhile.  Good folk  go to Folk Festivals, and they all congregated on Central Avenue for this year’s event.

Everything and anything (friends visiting, Texas vs. OU – yeah, let’s not talk about that one, Sarasota Shark’s Open Water Swim, training runs with Jena, Vegetarian Festival, etc. etc.) fell on October 1st and 2nd, so Dave, Lucky and I didn’t make it over to St. Pete until Sunday.

Lucky likes to drive!

We arrived to the Trop Lot #6 where there was plenty of free parking (some even shaded!) and headed towards the music.

We thought this was going to be an afternoon of great music and art under the sun, but when we arrived at the gate, we were told NO DOGS!

At first, Dave was outraged.  You know, like a proud parent should be.  But, but, but  he saw other dogs going in and no one stopped them. Yes, but I saw the sign, and it clearly said no dogs.  If they hadn’t stopped us, I could have turned a blind eye to said sign and waltzed right in dancing to the sounds of zydeco.    But once I’m told the rules, I feel bad breaking them (yes, I know Mom.  It took awhile to get here).

So instead we had to take turns.  And actually we probably had the best seat in the house – shady, breezy, no one to block the stage, no drunk people spilling their booze on us…. only we got to see the band’s backsides.

Of course I made some friends who empathized that cute lil’ Lucky wasn’t allowed in the festival.  The 3 year old had ulterior motives though.  She wanted my grapes.  How could I resist a cute little girl with a butterfly painted on her face.  She got half the bag.  Ironically her mom told me she was asking for grapes all morning.  I guess there was some good to the situation.

This is what was going on inside the festival in case you are wondering.

So after taking turns browsing the vendors and walking the dog around St. Pete, we decided to head to the waterfront park in St. Pete.  We love it here.  So does Lucky.  She got to chase squirrels and Dave and I listened to the Rays game on his iPhone.

Any way you look at it, it was still a beautiful day!  Next year though, Lucky stays at home.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Be well,


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One response to “Good Folk at St. Pete Folk Festival 2010

  1. Looks like fun… will have to catch this next year. Especially since it’s FREE!

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