Love List – the essentials

I got this idea from Crazy Sexy Life, and I like it.  So here we go folks.  My first Love List – the essentials.

1. Dave. He has amazing calf muscles, makes a damn good smoothie,  can beat me in swimming, and gives  me history lessons on any topic asked.   He is like my personal professor and lawyer.   Dave is seriously the hardest working person on this planet.  He even cleans the bathrooms.   He tops my Love List because he is my best friend, my work out partner, and my better half.

There is even an award named after him at Providence College!

2. My parents.  They took me on trips around the world, and once in 3rd grade my dad took me out of school on a Friday morning to go to Hawaii for the weekend.  We ate m&ms for breakfast and ran from an active volcano.   My mom calls me every day without fail to tell me she loves me.   They worked hard so I had a sweet ride when I turned 16 (a nicer car than I drive now!).  They threw me a keg party when I came back from the Peace Corps and a sweet wedding for Dave and I.  My dad gave me his sense of adventure, taught me how to be laid back, and gave me a few inches of his height.  My mom showered me with love, never made me do my own laundry, and slept through me sneaking out.

3.  Lucky. She gets me up every single morning whether I like it or not and takes me on a walk.  She speaks Thai and does a “sawadee” to beg.  She is a damn good squirrel hunter.  And rabbit hunter.  She guards the house with eagle eyes.  She lets me put my cold feet under her body to get warm.  Quite simply, Lucky is the balls.


She was even on the news for the Sarasota Marathon!


4.   Smoothies. I freaking love smoothies.  If I could live off one thing for the rest of my life, it would be smoothies (on a tropical island). I’m drinking a smoothie right this second in case you are wondering and I love it.  The secret ingredient to the perfect smoothie starts with ripe frozen bananas.  Fresh just don’t cut it here folks.

5.  Vita-Mix. When I was a kid, my dad and I would go to the Texas State Fair every year and he would buy me tye-died fringe shirts and cowgirl boots, we would eat funnel cakes and drink lemonade, and we would go to the Vita-Mix demonstration.  It became “our thing.”  I grew up with the stainless steal Vita-Mix that has now been replaced with  a plastic version.  My dad gave me his old machine, and I’m forever grateful for this.  The Vita-Mix is the one kitchen appliance I use!


Oldie but Goodie


I thought I would start with the essentials for this one!

What’s on your current love list?



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4 responses to “Love List – the essentials

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    Lol @ Lucky takin’ you for a walk. She is so sweet.

    I like this post a lot. The pic of Dave is awesomeness!

  2. Great post! Smoothies are definitely on my list right now. And fruit.

  3. conradvisionquest

    my current love list:
    My girls, camille and elsie (our rescue dogs)
    Of course, my supportive hubster
    The Golden Girls
    My overly generous parents
    Having our own place to live

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