Vegan Month of Food (Vegan MOFO)

My friend Laura can’t stand how every day or month is given some ridiculous meaning like “National Talk Like a Pirate Day,”  “national lower caps day” or even “National Whipped Cream Day.”

Apparently vegans aren’t in the same league as pirates, lower case lovers, or the whipped cream obsessed to have  “national” as part of their ridiculous holiday, instead this little celebration is called “Vegan Mofo” for Vegan Month of Food.

What is Vegan Mofo? (I’m tired from a 10 miler, so I’ll just copy and paste from their website for you folks.)

It’s that time of year again! Time to wear down your stove and your keyboard. Time to mow people down with your shopping cart. Time to answer the age old question: do lemon and chocolate taste good together? It’s time for VeganMoFo, the Vegan Month Of Food.

VeganMoFo was originally created on the Post Punk Kitchen, as an homage to NaNoWriMo. Because we do want to write novels, but sometimes cooking gets in the way. So why not combine them!

The idea is to write as much as you can all month, about vegan food. The blog entries can be about anything food related – your love of tongs, your top secret tofu pressing techniques, the first time your mom cooked vegan for you, vegan options in Timbuktu – you get the idea, right? If not, browse around on some of our round-ups and you’ll catch on fast!

There aren’t strict guidelines for how often to write, but the idea is to shoot for every weekday, or about 20 times in the month. If you’d like inspiration or would just like to whine about how hard it is, check out the MoFo forum on the PPK message boards.

As the world catches on that vegan food really is the best choice for animals (suck it, humane meat!), the planet (bite me, melting ice caps!) and people (piss off, heart disease!) let’s show them what vegan eating is all about.

To take part, simply sign up with their convenient form right here!

Happy MoFoing!

I’m going to shoot for 20 entries for the month of November, so get ready to be bombarded with fruit and vegetable goodness!

Who is with me?

Eat well,


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