A Vegan MOFO Haiku for You!

Oh! Honeycrisp Apples
Each bite crunches in my mouth
Enjoy this season

(Vegan MOFO, Take 3)

What is your favorite type of apple?

Eat well,



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6 responses to “A Vegan MOFO Haiku for You!

  1. I take apples pretty seriously right now. The non-pregnant me likes apples but rarely eats them. The pregnant me LOVES them and eats them EVERYDAY.

    My top favorites Honeycrisp and Granny Smith. But really any variety that is very crisp (it doesn’t matter if they are sweet or tart). Apples with a consistancy of styrofoam suck.

  2. I just read about Honeycrisp apples for the first time this morning on another MoFo blog and they sound DELISH! Happy MoFo’ing!

  3. jd

    I’m a huge gala apple fan. I get so sad when fall is over and apples are harder to find…

  4. Mo

    Honeycrisps are the best!

  5. Honeycrisps are my favorite apple just for eating, followed closely by Mutsu and Fuji apples. Mutsu apples are pretty good in pies and such.

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