Product review coming soon

The kind souls at CSN Stores have offered me the chance to review a kitchen product available on their site!  CSN sells everything under the sun.  Where else can you buy children’s luggage, a new funky coffee table and a Shoprider motorized scooter all in one place? Or perhaps you are in the market for an Omega Paw Deluxe Hands Free Groomer for your cat instead?

I will be perusing the kitchen section of CSN  and deciding what item to review in the next few days. It might be a hard decision, because I already have a happy kitchen .  But how can I turn down the opportunity to get a $35 credit towards one of their items?

I know this might sound lame, but for months I’ve wanted a salt pig.

What is a salt pig exactly?  Chowhound says

1. Ceramic interior keeps salt from clumping in steamy kitchens or humid climates
2. The large opening is an easy way to access salt while cooking … either use a spoon or reach in and grab a pinch.
3. Keeps dust or other stuff from falling onto the salt. The side opening keeps debris from settling on an open bowl.
4. People think they are cute.

I think I’ll need to spend some more time looking for another kitchen item that is a little more exciting to review than a salt pig.

What would you get with $35 from CSN?



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2 responses to “Product review coming soon

  1. I just got some of their dumbbells & I’m thinking of getting some resistance bands or trying a new personal blender.

  2. I wold also love the
    Gaiam Covered Resistance Cord Kit – 95-1458 and the Gaiam No Slip Yoga Socks – 95-9247.

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

    Lisa xx

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