Retail Therapy

When I get injured I feel like my identity is getting ripped out of my soul.  Let me back up. Here is what my last week looked like:

Monday: AM- 5 mile run
Tuesday: AM – spin / PM:  swim
Wednesday: AM – 2 mile run & lift (legs)
Thursday: AM – 5 mile run & home… shower… work… and OH SHIT!
Friday:  AM – cry / PM – cry
Saturday:  AM – swim / PM – cry
Sunday:  Am – cry / PM – cry (but a first class upgrade, free beers, and retail therapy have helped)

Thursday morning’s run came and went pretty uneventfully.  I came home, went about my normal business (shower, smoothie, work) and all of a sudden I was like “damn. my hip/groin/lower back hurts.”

I thought upon waking on Friday that the pain would be magically gone (I did take some ibuprofen after all), but that was wishful thinking.  I continued on the ibuprofen routine, did some stretching and took it easy. Friday around 8 pm I had to pull the plug on my 8 mile Saturday morning run with Jena.  I hated sending that text.

Saturday, itching for a sweat, I opted for a swim workout.  I did a lot of pulling and took it easy for 3,000 yards.  The pain was definitely present but dull.  Dave and I went to St. Pete and Gulfport later that afternoon so there was lots of walking involved.  The pain was there, but I tried to be a trooper.  I noticed the pain the most while sitting though – getting in and out of the car, etc.

Saturday night I wanted to break down and cry.  I’m doing the math – 7 days until my half marathon – this pain must go away.  I’m not going to lie, I might have shed a tear – ONE – in bed that night.

Sunday I woke up and my first thoughts were, “is it gone yet?”  One slight move of my leg, and I was instantly in a bad mood.  I walked the dog (my favorite part of the day) and got ready for my business trip.

Off I flew to DC.  A first class upgrade and a few beers had me feeling a little bit better.  Then some retail therapy at Lululemon felt pretty good.  I guess everyone has hobbies.  Some like to run marathons for their highs, others like to swipe their credit cards.  I’m normally the former.  I hope not to become the later, but it sure felt good today.

I’ve been reading about Lululemon’s exercise clothes for some time.  I’ve never seen a store in Florida, but while searching for a Whole Foods on google maps near my hotel here in DC, low and behold Lululemon shows up right next to it.  I was planning on being lazy for the afternoon, but the chance to blow lots of money on hotty-totty, overpriced workout clothes got my ass moving.

Here is what I got:

Run: Dash CropThese ran true to size, and I liked the dash crop better than the inspire because the waist band is higher.  I’m not into low rise workout clothes.

They have a little girly, ruffle detail to them.  This still doesn’t justify the price.

Run: Energy SS
This isn’t actually the shirt I bought, but it is the same style/fit.  The shirt I got is grey and says, “Push Yourself.  Run.  Do one thing a day that scares you.”

I think it was the cheapest item in the store.  For $39 I felt like I was getting the deal of the year.  I sized up on this since I like shirts to fit a little loose; however, you won’t go wrong if you order your real size.  I noticed that their shirts are all long and fitted.

I’m now back in my hotel watching Cake Boss (they don’t have HGTV!) and eating a sandwich from Whole Foods (seriously, the most crowded WF I might have ever been in.)  I have a meeting with a client tonight at 9 pm.

In other news, I signed up for Twitter.  I don’t have a clue how it works, but I’m going to try to get with the times.  I even caught myself at Whole Foods thinking, “if I knew how to use twitter I would say, ‘This DC Whole Foods is insanely crowded.’ ”  Would that be annoying?  Would y’all really care?  What the hell is Twitter really for anyways? I’m CarolynBeWell.  If you know how to use Twitter, follow me.  I promise not to be annoying and clutter your page with my ramblings… mainly because I don’t know how to use the damn thing.

I’m also taking arnica – both orally and topically and hoping tomorrow will bring good news in the random pain department.  I really don’t want to be sitting on the bench this Sunday.

Be well,



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6 responses to “Retail Therapy

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    I can’t find you on twitter! =(

    Glad you got some retail therapy in. I’m seriously crossing my fingers that your stupid leg/back/groin stop hurting so we can get our run on this coming weekend!

  2. hehehe…you said “groin”.

    In all seriousness, though, I know how disappointing these setbacks can be but don’t try and push yourself before it feels ready. No race is worth serious injury preventing you from you love…go easy and “listen to your body”. At least that’s the nonsense my coach feeds me anyway…*fingers crossed*

  3. oh no! I hope you get better before your half marathon. I am suffering from an injury right now and can’t run at all. My good friend got injured just before what should have been her first marathon. It’s not fun.

    My friends tell me “it’s good of you to listen to your body”. That makes me laugh. My body is 40. It screams at me, so it’s not hard to listen.

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