DC Eats: Juice Joints Cafe

Vegan MOFO, Take 12

This morning I was strolling the streets of DC, I passed this joint. Juice Joint that is.

photo 3

I’m a sucker for a good carrot-apple-ginger juice.  And I can never pass up blueberry-flax granola with vanilla soy milk.  Throw in a banana, and I’m a happy camper.
photo 2
This breakfast definitely beats my normal go-to travel breakfast of oatmeal at Starbucks.  The price was a little steep at Juice Joint though,  but I did get a lot of food.  Plus, I always feel like I’m getting robbed blind when I order fresh juice.

(Juice Joint had a pretty extensive breakfast, lunch, juice and smoothie menu.  I enjoyed my meal so much, I might actually stop by there tomorrow before my meetings for a smoothie!)

I then had a little time to kill before my meeting, so I tried to say hi to the Prez.   He wasn’t around, so I got these pictures of the White House instead.

photo 4 photo 5

Speaking of meeting the president, I kinda met him at a rally when he was campaigning.

obama obama2

Okay, not really.  But it was pretty cool to volunteer at his event in Sarasota.

This evening I decided to go on a run.  I couldn’t resist. I got a fast 3 miles in (it’s amazing how much faster I run when there are tons of people on the street.)  I ran from my hotel past the White House, to the Washington Monument and back.


The run felt very good.  There was no pain while running.  Laying in bed now watching American Pie – yes, but when running – nothing.  I did make a doctor’s appointment for Thursday when I get back to Tampa.  My runner friend recommended his doc.  Hopefully he can help me too.

I ended my run at Java Green Cafe, an all vegetarian restaurant.  I’ll tell you about that later gaters.

Be well,



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3 responses to “DC Eats: Juice Joints Cafe

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    I am laughing @ the fact that you went running… Glad it was painless though, I hope you are pain free tomorrow.. and I am crossing my fingers, and toes that your DR doesn’t tell you not to run Sunday!

  2. Ah, I miss DC sometimes. I lived there for 5 years when I was in the Navy.

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