Fall & Silk Pumpkin Spice Soy Milk

Vegan MOFO, Take 13

Oh Fall.  You are just like summer and winter in Florida.  The leaves never change colors; it is still hot as hell.  Some days you do offer me relief with slightly cooler temps.  Thank you though for sunshine 365 days a year. 

Sometimes though it is nice to bundle up and brave the wintery conditions.  Once.in.a.while.  Welcome to fall in Washington, D.C.

photo photo 2

This morning’s walk  was rainy and cold.  I left my umbrella in the hotel, so I was the one chump getting rain drizzled on me for an hour.  There were some other –different -  chumps on the road though with wet hair, skirts (no tights) and flip flops on.  Even though they might have had an umbrella, they obviously live here and should know better on how to dress for these conditions.  They made me feel a bit better about the drizzle condition.  At least I was dressed warm.

I did get up at my usual time to keep my routine going.  I didn’t have Lucky to pull me around, but I did see lots of doggies on the street that kept me entertained.  This one Great Dane didn’t want to cross the street. The owner kept pulling him and pulling him.  Finally the dog took off sprinting and the owner went on a real ride.  Me and another girl were watching and cracking up.  Oh, the lives of a dog owner.

Speaking of dogs, Dave called me this morning and said Lucky is depressed.  Normally Lucky will stop doing anything at the sound of cereal being poured.  She does get a cup of milk every morning (spoiled!).  Today, though, Dave reports she stayed in bed the whole time he was eating breakfast. 


After her walk, she was sulking in her bed, when he thought a treat might perk her up.  Nope.  She didn’t even get out of bed for the treat.  This is just unheard of. 

She must miss her momma. 

I stopped at Whole Foods after my walk to pick up breakfast.  (Note, Obama is following me around.)

photo 3 
I wandered around the store wondering what I should get.  Sometimes there are just too many choices when you are hungry, and it can be dangerous.  Since yesterday’s granola was so delicious, I decided to get some.  Since I travel with a kitchen practically, I got bulk pumpkin granola and a small carton of soy milk.  Instead of my usual, they had pumpkin spice soy milk.  How could I resist?

The soy milk is just the right amount of soy milk and pumpkin pie, and I could actually drink this straight.  This is saying a lot as I have a big aversion of drinking any type of milk straight from the cup.  Admittedly, I drank this straight from the carton.  That is saying a lot folks. 

photo 4

Couple that with a decaf coffee (not a normal thing, but free in the hotel lobby) and I’m ready for the day! 

Be well,



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3 responses to “Fall & Silk Pumpkin Spice Soy Milk

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    Poor Lucky, she must be sad if she isn’t sitting @ Dave’s feet begging for some cereal!

  2. Oh, you’ve seen her in action. She even begged from you for some oatmeal.

    She gets that way. She also goes on poop strike.

  3. Yum! That sounds so good!

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