DC Eats: Cafe Green & Java Green

Vegan MOFO, Take 14

I know I wasn’t supposed to be running and nursing my little “injury,”  but I could NOT resist in a place like DC. 

On Run #2 of my running ban (opps!), I ran to the Washington Monument, around the WWII Memorial, down the reflecting pool, and up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

photo 3

photo 2

Then I ended right at the door of Cafe Green.

The night before I ate at the sister cafe – Java Green .  Java Green was more “fast healthy food” where as Cafe Green was a nice sit down, dinner joint. 

At Java Green, I ate the Bimbimbap with mixed grain rice.  I had them put extra, extra spicy sauce on it.  It was comforting but not as good as the bimbimbap I’ve made with the crunchy rice bottom.  YUM.

At Cafe Green, I had the chili.  It was DELICIOUS.  Partly because it was good, partly because I haven’t had cornbread since I’ve became a vegan over 5 years ago. 

This was amazing. 

photo 4

I ate every last bite.

Here is the breakdown of JavaGreen vs. Cafe Green:
Go to JavaGreen if you are in a rush. 
Go to Cafe Green if you want to enjoy a dinner out. 
Do not take a date to JavaGreen unless it is just for a cup of coffee.
Take a date to Cafe Green.
And while the cornbread is a little harder than I remember cornbread being in my pre-vegan days, it still did my body good.

Eat well,



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3 responses to “DC Eats: Cafe Green & Java Green

  1. spoonfulofsugarfree

    That looks like so much fun! I have never been to DC, but I can’t wait to go next spring (i have a trip scheduled!)

    • DC was lots of fun. I was there for work, so I did mainly work things. I did just enjoy running in a new area, the people, being in a city, walking everywhere, etc. etc.

      It made me realize how the south really needs better public transportation and planning of a city … not just suburbs and commuters.

  2. Ed

    Awesome trip for you. Thanks for working so hard for us! Glad you got in some fun as well!

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