Here we go: Women’s Half Marathon

After some x-rays, a massage, and graston on my pain area, the doctor gave me the okay to run the Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday. 

photo 2 
Notice my slight scoliosisi n the top x-ray.  The Doc said that is common. Dave says,  “He isn’t really a doctor.  He is a chiropractor.”  I say, “I don’t care what he is, as long as he helps this pain go away.” 

Yesterday I was feeling 90% relieved of the pain, today I feel a little more discomfort than yesterday, but still it is better than before he bruised my ass with graston.  Either way, I’m running. 

When I landed on Thursday from my trip to DC, I was greeted by this message at the Tampa Airport. It was almost like I was traveling here for this race.  Not quite. 


I am going to St. Petersburg today and staying in a fancy hotel – The Vinoy – with my friend, Allison. 


The only problem is that Allison insisted that we not share a bed.  She just emailed me and said there is only one bed in the room.  Allison is a funny cat.  I might be begging to my friend Jena to crash in her hotel pad, if Allison won’t have me.  Jena is my training buddy, and we are running together tomorrow.

So here is the course.  


Word on the street is that this course is beautiful.  Also, last year the course went through Tropicana Field.  I hope we get to as well, but I’m not sure.  I’m really looking forward to running in some historic neighborhoods.  I love checking out the big homes on the water!

As far as the plan-stan, Jena and I don’t really have one.  Two weeks ago, we were set to run a sub 2 hour marathon.  But with my little injury and with her not having run consistency lately, we are both a bit worried.  Despite this, though, I’m telling myself I can do it.  I had three runs this week that although short, were strong. 

I’m going to go down fighting and he is what I hope to accomplish:

1. Finish the race strong.
2.  Run a 2:05 half marathon.
2. Run a sub 2 hour half marathon.

There isn’t much of a plan of attack during the actual race.  Jena and I are not gu shooters, so we don’t have plans at mile 1.1 to take an ounce of this, and at mile 3.57 to eat 1/4 of that.  We just plan on holding a 9-915 pace and start doing the math as we run.

Can we pull out a sub 2 hour run? 

Well, we know we can, but will it happen this Sunday? 

If it doesn’t, there is a backup race tentatively on the calendar for December, and as long as I’m feeling healthy, I’ll give it another go. 

Although, I’m really hoping this Sunday is my day. 

Live well,



November 20, 2010 · 9:32 am

5 responses to “Here we go: Women’s Half Marathon

  1. Pat - Momma Mia

    Good Luck.. and be carefull,,,,Can not wait to hear ALL about the RUN… Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Glad you are feeling mostly better. Best of luck to you and Jena tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Good luck! We run at approximately the same pace and I have the same goal of a sub-2 hour 1/2 marathon this year (season) as well. Looking forward to comparing notes.

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