Happy Thanksgiving

There is so much to be thankful for this year. 

– I have a loving and supportive husband who continues to grow with me and wander through life’s adventures by my side.

– I have the most giving and loving parents in the world.  At 28 my mom still calls me everyday to tell me she love me, and my dad is always there to talk about the latest news or technology with me.

– My sister, though grown-up and living home in Texas, is still one of my best friends and always there if I need her.  She is my fashion inspiration and the embodiment of a true (modern) southern lady.

– My friends near and far, new and old, who all make my world a brighter place.

– Peace and freedom in a world of uncertainty. 

– Good health.

– Financial stability.

2 pm can’t come quick enough.  I’m hungry!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Be well,
Carolyn, Dave and Lucky


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