Goodies in the mail & Join a good cause

It’s always nice to open the mail box and it be overflowing with goodies.  After sifting through the junk mail, I was greeted with these treats.

#1 Ornaments

DSC00633 From a holiday ornament exchange.  They really fit me to a T.  Thanks Sara.

#2 A bright pink sparkle skirt

From  Team Sparkle 

Surprise #1 will go up on my tree this Saturday for the 1st annual Family Christmas Tree Decorating Party.  Dave can hardly wait. 

Surprise #2 will be part of my Jingle Bell Run attire this Saturday. 

Since I could only get the traveling skirt in pink, I’m going to go for a non-traditional take on Christmas colors – pink and sea foam green.  With my reindeer antlers and possibly a red nose, I’ll be ready to jingle.  I mean run. 


Switching gears….

I’m helping my friend Ed who is running across America.  Yes, you just read that right.  He is running 2,500 miles to raise $25,000 and gain official bad ass status.  He is running for Freedom is Not Free – a nonprofit that raises money to assist wounded service members and their families and also give aid to families of the fatally wounded. 

Check out his route:,+SC&daddr=33.9840356,-99.7147052+to:Albuquerque,+Bernalillo,+New+Mexico+to:San+Diego,+CA&geocode=FXYh9AEd1lk8-yl3JKjcQnr-iDFr7OGu4Pf6NQ%3BFSSOBgIdb3kO-g%3BFctYFwId_6Gk-Sl7gwnT3QoihzH99tm4zvjTwA%3BFUEy8wEdeVIE-SlLHpKtD1PZgDF53xX9_SE6DQ&hl=en&mra=pd&mrcr=1,2&dirflg=w&sll=33.83392,-98.613281&sspn=21.755657,43.022461&ie=UTF8&ll=36.173357,-98.4375&spn=42.087109,52.734375&z=3&output=embed
View Larger Map

You can help Ed too.  Here is how.

1.  Visit Ed’s Blog and check out his run overviewIs Ed crossing a town you, your brother, your mother, or your cousin lives in? Do you (or they) want to run some miles with Ed.  He is a pretty cool cat  If yes, please contact me at eatlivebewell at gmail dot com. 

(To make things easier.  Do you live in Charleston, SC?  Columbus, GA? Montgomery, AL?  Jackson, MS?  Wichita Falls, TX?  Albuquerque, NM?  Phoenix, AZ?  San Diego, CA? Or any other small town on Ed’s route? If yes, hit me up on the email please)

2.  Visit Ed’s Blog and click the tab that says $25,000 Goal.  After feeling inspired, grab your wallet, head to the Freedom is Not Free site and donate to this worthy cause.  Be sure to donate in the box that says Ed Roshitsh’s Cross Country Run. 

3.  Spread the good word on your blog by talking about Ed being crazy enough to run across America.  Be sure to link back to his site – Coast to Coast Run 2011.

Thanks for your support folks.  Enjoy your evening!

Be well,



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2 responses to “Goodies in the mail & Join a good cause

  1. Ed

    Thank you Carolyn, this was really cool of you. I am hoping the running club in East Doughnutville, Arkansas reads this!

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