Jingle Bell 5k & Team Sparkle Skirts

Today was the Jingle Bell 5k at International Mall in Tampa, Florida.  I went into this race thinking “sweet! a long sleeve tech shirt.”  However, I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be sweet to run in a Mrs. Claus costume.  Is it sad that I am motivated to run races for the free tech shirt or to dress up?

I searched high and low for a Mrs. Claus costume that was conducive to running a 5k, but I found nothing that, for the price, struck my fancy.  I then started to look for red running skirts.  I was very close to buying one online, but when I really thought about it, I would never wear that red running skirt again. $$$ down the drain.  No thanks.  travelingskirtslogo Somehow, though, the power of the internet brought me to Team Sparkle.  They have a traveling skirt that goes from gal to gal (I guess a guy could participate if you wanted… any takers?  Ed?  Terry?).  The idea is, I wear the skirt, kick some major Team Sparkle ass, and then send the skirt on to the next girl to kick ass.   Sold. The only draw back to my Mrs. Claus costume idea was my choice for the traveling skirt was either pink or teal.  Pink it was!

I immediately emailed my friend Jena.  She needed to jump on the traveling skirt bandwagon too.  LIke stat.  So she got the teal one, and we were set for the Jingle Bell run.

Then Jena told me she got me a “present.”  This picture emerged on Facebook of her dog testing it out.   Yup.  We were going to run in antlers.

wyatt How cute is Wyatt!

This was super exciting though.  Now I was going to be running as a pastel, sparkly, reindeer.

This whole dressing up thing was too fun.  This race was starting to look more like a fun run.  I wasn’t expecting to PR at all.  Antlers aren’t exactly aerodynamic, if ya know what I mean?

I told myself to shoot for a sub25, but I would be happy around 26:30.

So the race –

It all started with a Garmin that wouldn’t turn on.  I guess that is what I get for boasting to my friends this week how freeing it felt running Garmin free.  I swear I charged that thing the night before, but I guess not.

And of course antlers and sparkly skirts.

DSC00642 I really feel like a giant next to Jena.

(Oh and breakfast was PB&J on a PB clif bar.  That was a first… and there will be many more of them!)

The whole pick up your race packet was a bit confusing, but we managed.  One thing that was lame was that I picked up my bib on Wednesday night, but I had to stand in line with everyone else again this morning to get my chip.  So much for being an early bird on packet pickup.

The course was around a parking lot.  Twice.  Wohoo.  Fun and exciting.  I was certain the parking lot would be flat, but nope, there were some “hills.”  There were also the 1 mile walkers, the roller derby girls, and the ladies (and men I suppose) who thought it would be fun to dress their dog up and walk them.

Yeah, they were super fun to navigate around.  Did they not know we were running a race?  That perhaps they were lally-gogglling in our way?  Ah, I digress.

Of course there were also some cool costumes:  Santa was behind me at the start.  I was sure to give him a high five!  There were others as well:  elves, reindeers, and Santa and Mrs. Claus!  Now I have some better ideas for next year’s costume!  I love this dress up thing.

Since I was running Garmin free, Jena was my pacer.  She did a good job, because…..

I ran a sub 25!  Wha, wha, what?

24.58.  And I’m sticking to it.

Now if you go and stalk my time online (come on, you’ve all done it!), you might be fooled into thinking I ran a 25:23 (which is still a PR by the way), but me and my buddies are convinced that is the gun time listed, not the chip time.

Because…. when we finished the race, the results were clearly posted on a u-haul van (?) and I did a little happy dance when I saw 24:58.

It isn’t just me making this up.  Jena and Jenny’s times are off as well online from what they saw on this mysterious sheet.

It kinda pisses me off… and kinda means that I just have to run another sub25 to show them.  I mean, to prove to myself I did it!

After waiting on the group to finish, we took some glamour shots.



Then we headed to the after par-tay for awards and beer.  So what that it was 9 am.  And no, none of us won any awards.  More reason to drink I guess.


They were so accommodating handing out the beers in the crowd!  How could I not participate?  Plus, have you read this blog post yet?



So there you have it folks.  The Jingle Bell 5k.

What do you think – do I have to take back my sub 25 and tell everyone I didn’t do it, or can I stand my ground and try to recover the mysterious results from the random u-haul van as proof?

Be well,

PS – In other sparkly news (I swear I won’t say sparkly again for a long while)– the Christmas tree is up.  Dave stalled the 1st Annual Family Tree Decorating Party until tomorrow.  We are now sitting at the book store instead.  It will happen tomorrow – Christmas music and all.



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7 responses to “Jingle Bell 5k & Team Sparkle Skirts

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    You summed it up pretty well. Maybe I should just write a post that says, “If you want to read a race recap, go to Carolyn’s blog.”

    I say, we keep our times. I’m not giving back my 24:44. Nope. I’m keeping it. Even if it’s not a PR, that is better then we were anticipating!

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  3. I love the sparkle skirts!!! Looks like a blastie!!

  4. Ed

    No way I am running in a teal or pink skirt….they don’t match my running shoes or back pack….

    Congrats on a nice run!

  5. spoonfulofsugarfree

    Congratulations!!! You look great!

  6. I’ll have to think about the skirt. Do you have anything in, say, a manly Baywatch Bronze?

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