Let the training begins for Gasparilla 15k


Since my last half marathon, it was nice to take a break from a running schedule and just do my own thing.  I took it easy right afterwards to heal this random strain that has been ailing me, but when all seemed okay, I hit the pavement again.  I discovered I actually enjoy a 5 mile loop near my house.  I wanted to slow down my running, but this loop seemed so much easier to run than to find a new 3 mile loop or hop on the dreadmill at the gym.  It has been nice keeping my mileage at a decent level in this downtime.

(After a solid week of feeling no pain, low and behold on Saturday, the ole back pain flared up again.  It doesn’t hurt when I run though; however, in an effort to be responsible, I’m going back to the doctor chiropractor tomorrow).

It is now time to get focused on what’s ahead – the Gasparilla Distance Classic 15k.  This is the biggest race that Tampa has each year.  Dave has run it a few times, and I’ve run the half-marathon once.  I’m looking forward to running a race with my husband – even though he will leave me in his smoke!  It has been almost 2.5 years since we raced together (again, being left in his smoke).

I do have a slight confession to make.  If there was a  10k in this series, I would want to do that, but since there isn’t – 15k it is.  Okay, I just had to get that off my chest.

So I’m being a bit more relaxed with the training this go around.  I need the flexibility to shuffle things around, and quite frankly, I don’t want to be bound by what ‘ole Hal Higdon tells me I need to do.  I’ll run the 15k no matter if I get my strength training in 2x in a week or not, if I have to move around a run to a different day or spilt things up.  (Sadly, this back pain has put my beloved strength training on a major HOLD).

So that is what’s ahead folks.  I’m training from Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 15k Plan, and so far so good.  (No, I didn’t run 3miles yesterday and lift, but I did take a spin class instead and then run 5.5 miles today.  So what?  I’ll still cross the finish line. )

Hals 15k plan

After this race, I will be focusing on speed and getting ready for Tri season!

When is your next race?

I’m actually racing this Saturday.  For Jena’s birthday, we opted not to go out and celebrate, and instead I treated her to race entry at this weekend’s 10k in Clearwater.  We have a couple friends who will be there, and it should be a fun time.

Be well,



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2 responses to “Let the training begins for Gasparilla 15k

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    Glad your groin pain has subsided. I hope that nasty back pain goes away soon. Good Luck @ the Chiro tomorrow.

    I keep forgetting to look @ my half training plan to see where Gasparilla falls into it.

    Good Luck w/ your training plan! Hopefully we can get a few runs in together.

  2. I did the Gasparilla 15k a few years ago – can’t say it was my favorite course, but the Gasparilla races are a pretty fun atmosphere!

    My next big race is the Sarasota Half Marathon in March – but I’ll probably throw in a couple 5ks between now and then. I was even considering doing Gasparilla 15k as one of my long runs since it’s only a few weeks before SRQ!

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