Say No to Drugs 10k

Crack – Cocaine.  Heroine. Crystal Meth. 

These are the drugs that come to mind when I think about  the phrase “Say no to drugs.” 

Apparently I had this all wrong.  

The 22nd Annual Say No to Drugs 10k was put on my the Church of Scientology which means my $18 race entry went right into their overflowing pockets.  And get this.  I was running against the use of psychiatric drugs.

Wha, wha, what?

Psychiatric Drugs!?!?

Now, I’ve done some hypocritical things in my life – I once protested factory farming not because I’m overly passionate about the issue, but because I wanted to meet some new friends in a new town all while getting some exercise.  Despite all the shit talking I did, I got giddy over being on the White House lawn – feet from former President Bush – as he landed in his helicopter.  I often talk about “saving money,”  but I’ll randomly drop way too much money on a designer purse.  I didn’t vote in the 2000 election.  And so on, and so forth.

But unknowingly running a race to support the Church of Scientology’s crazy propaganda really blindsided me. 

Say No to Crack.  Say No to Heroine.  Say No to Crystal Meth.  Now these are all things I can rally behind. 

But Say No to Psychiatric Drugs?  I feel duped.

I suggested we take all their free DVD’s on things like “how psychiatric drugs can kill your kid” that they were handing out and have a party.  We will all dress the same in very modest, neutral colored clothes and all take a chug when we hear a term like “L. Ron Hubbard.”  It is bound to be a good night. 

In other news, the winners of the race not only got a plaque, but a plethora of “educational” videos too. 

It was rainy and cold this morning (by Florida standards), and this course is anything but fast and flat.  I PRed just for the sheer fact that it is my second 10k (my first actually being on this course over 2 years ago), but I didn’t have a stellar run.  Good enough to get the job done, but not one to warrant 9 am beers

My not-so-amazing stats and a story about my “free stress test” at the Church of Scientology in Austin to follow. 

For now, I’m going to be lazy and enjoy the rain.  It really is pouring now.  Good thing the race wasn’t right now in these conditions (but poor Dave is out running in this now).

Enjoy your evening.

Be well,



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7 responses to “Say No to Drugs 10k

  1. Wow – I considered running this one but now I’m SO glad I didn’t!

    I’m a FIRM believer in the use of phychiatric drugs/medications when they’re prescribed/used apprpriately. I know SO many people that have been helped by these medications – myself included.

    I can’t fathom that a “Say No to Nrugs” race was benefiting a group/cause as controversial as this.

    What ever happened to the “good old days” when Nancy Regan’s Say No To Drugs campaign was all about stopping the use and abuse of recreational drugs???

  2. Oh dear, I would have been livid. If they want to sponsor a race, that’s fine, that’s dandy, that’s perfect…but to make it sound like a different cause altogether? Not okay…not okay at all.

  3. Ed

    C- ohhhhhh nooooooo! Tom Cruise being the honorary starter didn’t give you the clue?

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  5. I would have started the race by lighting up a doob and tearing up a picture of Tom Cruise. “Hey, it’s not a ‘Psychiatric Drugs’ is it”? Put that in your pipe and smoke in L. Ron.

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