They said I was stressed & Say No to Drugs Part 10k Recap

My only experience with the Church of Scientology was on the campus at the University of Texas at Austin.  They would try to lure in innocent college students for “FREE stress tests.”  After an afternoon of revelry, I decided to stumble over there to set the record straight.  I was NOT stressed.  I had just finished my last final and had enjoyed a few beers at the local pub that I charged on my parents credit card.  It would be a few years until I really knew what stress was.   


The whole establishment was so mystifying.  It took up a huge chunk of prime real estate on “the drag.”  Visions of Heavens Gate cult entered my head as I took the bold step to open the front doors of their complex. 

I took a few minutes to look around and see who was in there.  You know observe the weird experience I was putting myself into.  What type of person was foolish enough to even give these people 5 minutes of their time?  As I was taken into a room, I caught a glimpse of myself in the glass.  Oh the irony. 

They hooked me up to the “stress test.”  I was not falling for this.  And then, the conclusion -  I was stressed. 

Of course.  If I merely took a breath of air that meter shot up.  

The rest of the conversation is fuzzy, but I managed to escape without them getting my bank account numbers or my (future) first born. 

Have you willingly ever put yourself in a really awkward position? Sometimes it is kinda fun(ny!).  I like to think of myself as a social anthropologist. 

So about that 10k….

After looking at the website for the race a little closer, they don’t exactly say the race was all about “Say No to Psychiatric Drugs.”  It is kinda fuzzy – like they agree that “drugs” are a no-no, but I surly didn’t see any educational DVDs being handed out that mentioned that.  Just keep your 10 year olds away from Prozac, okay?

A little trip back in time….

In my last post, I told you this was my second 10k, but this is actually my third.  The first and second were on this same course in 2008 and 2009. (I knew exactly what I was getting myself into…. maybe the reason why I wasn’t as excited about this race as some others.)

In 2008, I trained for the IronGirl 10k which was my first race as a college graduate (aka adult).  I ran it in 1:01:48 (9:56 pace).  I was pretty proud of myself.  Running a 10k was one of my goals for 2008, and my life has changed for the better since starting this sport. 

I’m not sure what happened in 2009, but I ran the IronGirl 10k in 1:10:57 (11:25 pace).  (In case you don’t have your calculator out, that’s +9:09.)

Actually, I do know what happened.  I discovered Jeff Galloway’s run/walk method while training for a marathon and became friends with a bunch of people who ran/walk and well, that’s just what we did.  We weren’t out to set any records.  We were just having fun, breaking a little sweat, catching up on the latest gossip, and well run/walking.

To all the hundreds of people that I abruptly stopped in front of when my watch went off for my walk break, I’m sorry.  All I can say is, “karma is a bitch” and I’m paying the price now as I’m forced to weave in and out of “yous guys.” 

So, let’s just forget all about 2009’s race times. Deal?   M’kay – we can move on now.  

In 2010, after not running for nearly 8 months to get rid of plantar fasciitis, I decided I wanted to actually become a decent runner.  (And yes, you can still get injured run/walking despite the tagline “Run Injury Free with Jeff Galloway.”)

I’d say it’s been a great year racing wise.  I’ve accomplished far more than I ever expected.  I’ll recap here soon after the holidays once I have some time to think about where I’ve been, and decide where I’m going in 2011. 

Recapping the Say No to Drugs 10k….

I wasn’t going into this race with super high expectations because I knew the course was hard (technical as I overheard some folks saying).  Jena and I casually talked about finishing between 54 and 57 minutes.  That seemed reasonable enough.

There is the big bridge from downtown Clearwater to Clearwater Beach (not so bad going over, but way harder coming back), a smaller bridge connecting an island in the middle of the causeway to Clearwater Beach, and a spiral pedestrian ramp that shoots you out onto another hill before heading downhill (yay!) to the finish line. 

While the course is normally very scenic, Saturday’s run was cold, wet, and grey.  It felt like a typical winter’s day – something very unusual for this time of year in Florida. 


I was hoping to run a solid 8:45 pace for this race. 

I felt very strong miles 1-4 running faster than I expected, but then thoughts of the hard side of the bridge entered my mind, and I decided to slow down a bit.  I waved Jena on, and I took things a little slower so I could finish the race semi-strong.

Here are the stats:

Chip Time: 55:35
Age: 11/43
Sex:  83/270
OA:    258/559

The bridge was on Mile 1 (not so bad) and Mile 6 (pretty damn bad!). 


Overall, I’m pleased with the results – a 10k PR.  (And some moula for Tom and the gang.)

Have you ever run an odd named race?

Be well,


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