A look back at 2010

I don’t know where I’m going, but I’ll get there.
Assembly of Dust, “Roads.”  The Honest Hour.

One thing is sure though.  I do know where I’ve been.

(Rockin’ the Speedo even at a young age)Carolyn Hardy as a kiddo

So let’s take a look back at 2010.

January 2010
By far the craziest month of the year.  As I was gearing up for the big “I do’s” work was the busiest month I’ve seen it to date. I took a trip to Virginia and San Francisco, and I had to cancel a trip to Chicago because for the first time in my professional career I called in sick.  Two weeks before the wedding, I finally cracked.  Not enough sleep, not enough exercise, and too many germs on planes brought on the cold of the year.

I did get to visit Brooke in Virginia who was one of my bridesmaids. We chilled in Fairfax and made Bimbimbap or hot pots as she calls them.

bimbimbap3bimbimbap1 bimbimbap2

February 2010
A month full of love.  150 of our closest family and friends from Rhode Island to Texas to New Zealand and every place in between arrived in Sarasota for a weekend full of fun, laughter. and lots of booze.


A bridal luncheon at Libby’s, a rehearsal dinner at Mote Marine Aquarium that all our guests were invited to,  and a gorgeous outdoor wedding at Selby Gardens.

brunch dave and i rehearsal dinner


W22dave and i cake cutting

W75fireworks exit

It was all over in an instant.  I remember looking around the sparkly reception room, and it being empty except for Dave and I.  We were rushed out, running through our family and friends cheering us on, and whisked away to the Ritz.


The next day we celebrated Dave’s brother’s birthday and then headed to the airport for our Honeymoon.

Albuquerque>Santa Fe>Pagosa Springs, CO>Wolf Creek>Albuquerque.

DSC00510 DSC00400 DSC00408 DSC00445 DSC00457 DSC00474

What a whirlwind.

March 2010
A month of transition.  Dave and I did not live together before we were married, so after our honeymoon, I packed up and moved from the sleepy island of Siesta Key to the big city of Tampa.

You know… and then I began putting my womanly touch on our house.

photo photo 3photo 5

photo 2 photo 4

My mom came in town for her birthday, and we had a nice dinner at Roy’s.  I also travelled to Montpelier, Vermont for work where I got to experience a bit of winter.  I got to see a blast from the past friend and I ran in the snow!  Then I came back to Florida and got back into my shorts!

April 2010
After taking months off of running to cure plantar fasciitis (the story here), I picked up and ran a 5k IronGirl race.  And that is when it started again….

iron girl

I also took a trip to Washington D.C, Texas, and Palm Beach for work.

May 2010
I went to Chicago and Tennessee for work and celebrated my 28th birthday in Sarasota.

June 2010
A trip to North Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland and a protest against off-shore oil drilling.

July 2010
I took a trip to Tennessee and Port Canaveral, Florida for work, and competed in an open water swim race and the Top Gun Tri (pre-race post here, post race post here, and results here)

top gun top gun1

August 2010
Vacation in Rhode Island (vacation recap here) and San Francisco for my company’s annual User’s Conference.

ri1 ri3ri4ri2

September 2010
An amazing Peace Corps reunion Camping/rafting trip in Missouri over Labor Day and a great 5k – Zoo Run Run.

camping 3 camping1
camping2 camping 4

Also, a yummy black bean and chocolate chili recipe here.







October 2010
A weekend get-a-way to San Antonio for a true Texas wedding (recap here) and a kicking SunCoast Tri (recap here).

November 2010
An unexpected injury (it still hasn’t healed), a trip to DC, the Women’s Half Marathon (recap here). Thanksgiving in West Palm Beach, and Vegan MOFO.

And a delicious roast garlic, apple, & butternut squash soup (best soup eva!).

December 2010
A 5k PR at the Jingle Bell run (race recap here), a cold and wet Say No to Drugs 10k (race recap here), and Christmas in Texas with my family.






What an amazing year!  I feel so blessed to have married such a wonderful person and have a loving and supportive family and group of friends.

Happy New Year!

Live well,


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