Christmas in Texas

I’m totally slacking here, and it feels

I’ve been on vacation for the past 12 days without much time to devote to the computer.  Instead I spent lots of time with my family and friends;  ran, swam, and hiked in new places; ate a few vegetarian restaurants; and cooked some nice meals for the fam.  

All and all, the holidays were a wonderful time. 

Here are some photos from Christmas in Texas. 

My parent’s house was decorated so nicely! 



We toured the Dallas Cowboy Stadium.  Seriously, everything is BIGGER in Texas.



DSC00708 DSC00711


I played a tourist in my hometown at the Ft. Worth Stock Yards.  Pretty cool.

Stockyards9Stockyards4  Stockyards2

Stockyards12 Stockyards13 Stockyards16

And after all the fun, we returned to Lucky who was so excited to see Dave and I.  She really enjoyed her presents  and was sad she couldn’t attend the festivities.


2011 has already started out to be a year full of new things.  I think I’m going to carry that theme out heavily in my goals (which will be posted in a few days when I’ve really had time to think through everything I want to accomplish this year!).

In the meantime, enjoy the photos. 

Be well,


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