New Year 2011 Swim Workout

Remember when “box shorts” were the “in” drag suit?  And aren’t you glad speedos have turned into “jammers”?

Enjoy this 2011 swim set. 

200 swim / 2 x 100 pull / 4 x 50 kick

Main Set:
20   x 100 on the 1:45
11   x 50 on the minute

Cool Down:
200 easy

Total Yards: 3,350 yards*

*If you have longer than an hour to do this (although we ran over practice time on this set) you can always do 20 X 100 and 11 x 200!)

Be well,



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4 responses to “New Year 2011 Swim Workout

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    Althought I have no idea what any of that swimming jargon means, it sounds/looks like it was a good workout =)

    I am totally wishing that I had a gym membership or some kind of stationary bike at my house right now. I love running, but with this hip pain I’m getting annoyed with sitting around. I’m going to try 2-3 tonight. I’m hoping it goes well!

  2. Have you run yet? Or is today’s 2-3 miles your first day back?

  3. I do a variation of this workout, where I will follow each 100m (on 1:45) with a fast 50m (on 1:00). Kills me every time, and I’m lucky to have 1-2 seconds rest by the end…

  4. Ed

    Love the picture!

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