Saturday Night and Gratitude

“Are we nerdy for going to Starbucks to hang out on a Saturday night?  Do you want to go to a bar instead?”  asked Dave. 

Yes, we are nerdy (i.e. I have my library copy of a childhood favorite To Kill A Mockingbird to reread and Dave has some legal books to enjoy… we watch PBS… and Dave lists “speaking Spanish” as an interest on his resume that I just edited.) but that has nothing to do with going to Starbucks on a Saturday night. 

No, I don’t want to go to a bar.  I prefer drinking in combination with some sort of activity – kayaking and chugging beers, cold ones after a brisk hike, or hell what about double fisting at 9am after a 5k PR?

Yup, that is more my style.

So now I are enjoying people watching at Starbucks (Dave meanwhile is in the reading “zone’”) – a group of 4 chicks having a birthday party are amusing me.  One lady just busted out glow bracelets and party hats and caught me staring right after she said, “whose birthday is next?  let’s wash those candles off and reuse them.”  Seriously? 

I told myself that I would come here to plan out my 2011 racing calendar, but so far I’ve caught up on blogs and am enjoying people watching.  This is much more entertaining than spending Saturday night on my couch watching Create on PBS (yes, still no cable.).

I did manage to write some goals for 2011 last night, but I’m not sure I’m ready to reveal them yet.  I really like to have my goals and a plan to back them up.  I’m getting there. I take these things very seriously.  I print them out and keep a copy in my wallet, on my desk, in a google doc, etc.  I look at the list often to remind myself what I’m after. 

2011 is going really well so far though.  I’ve totally rearranged my “normal” routine as far as fitness goes and it feels really good. I’m taking new classes, running, but not following my training plan obsessively, swimming, cycling, and hitting the group exercise classes hard.    I want to have fun again.  I think stopping my MWF group lifting session has really helped matters.  I was feeling overwhelmed trying to fit it in with everything else on my plate.  Since I was paying for these sessions in 6 week blocks I felt like I had to attend.  Looking back I should have pulled the plug a long time ago.  

Also, I’ve taken it back to simple eating (more fresh fruits and veggies, less complicated recipes and processed foods) in an attempt to shed a few lbs that were causing my favorite pair of jeans to feel a little snug.  Plus, the  only goal from 2010 that I haven’t met was to remain the same weight as I was on my wedding day.  As of yesterday I’m 1.5 pounds over.  I’ve decided to extend the deadline on that goal to Feb. 6th (our 1st anniversary).  I’m pretty sure I’ve got it under control and will still be able to zip up wedding dress like it ain’t no thing. 

I mean that dark chocolate bar I just finished up doesn’t help matters, but isn’t dark chocolate healthy?  

I’ve also been keeping a gratitude and intention journal every night.  I write everything I am thankful for before I go to bed and then some things I hope to accomplish the next day.  I find it helps me jump out of bed with a purpose. 

Today I woke up at 5:45am in time to take Lucky on a 30 minute walk and get to the gym for a new ab class before spin.  I could have easily hit snooze a few more times, but going to bed with the written commitment that I was going to the ab class pretty much sealed the deal for me.  Lucky must have read my journal though.  She seemed to wake up 3 minutes before the alarm went off to scratch (ahem, wake up Mom and Dad, I’m ready for a walk).  

Tonight I’ll share my gratitude and intentions with the world:

I am thankful for…
… Dave who willingly cleans the bathrooms and the floors because those are the things I can’t stand doing.
… my hairdresser, Holly, who pampered me today with a new haircut and color and our natural ability to gossip.
…. the Publix baggers who help me out with my groceries.
… a good night’s sleep.

My intentions for tomorrow are…
… A solid 7 mile run in the morning with Jena.   I will be happy with any splits; I just want to enjoy the beautiful weather and the new location we are running in. 
… I will continue work on Dave’s website for The Hardy Law Firm finishing the homepage and 1 section. 
… I will map out some key races for 2011 (Tris, Swim races (OWS and Pool) and Running)… because that obviously didn’t get done during this Starbucks trip. 

Be well,


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One response to “Saturday Night and Gratitude

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    Loving this post. I totally love that ya’ll are hanging out at Starbucks. A birthday party @ Starbucks? That’s different. Fun, but different.

    You are definitely motivated, hoping out of bed @ 5:45 to go work out! Every time I read a blog about people going to group classes I get a teensy bit jealous. Working out w/ Jillian in the living room isn’t the same as a group class. Jillian always pays more attention to her girls than me . ha.

    Looking forward to our run tomorrow. Hoping it will mostly pain free.

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