Sun Salutations – Oh How I’ve Missed You!


I started practicing yoga when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand.  I had an amazing yoga DVD – Yoga Shakti  which I would play on my laptop and convert my already empty living room into my own yoga studio.  (If you are in the market for a yoga DVD, or want to get started in the comfort of your home, I highly recommend this video.)

I also attended some yoga groups in other Thai villages, and I partnered up with another volunteer to conduct a yoga workshop for my village Women’s Health Group.  It was a smashing success and a nice diversion from our nightly aerobics.

(Enlarge and you can see me up there teaching… that was 6 years and 15+ pounds ago! Boy time flies!)

When I returned from the Peace Corps and moved to Florida, I started practicing Bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga Sarasota. I found myself really drawn to bikram, and I was attending 3-4 times a week.  I found the practice very relaxing yet extremely challenging – both mentally and physically. 

About the time I started to really improve, going very deep into my poses with a solid concentration, I decided that I wanted to try running.  I started to train for the 2008 IronGril 10k. 

That 10k turned into training for 15ks to half marathons to a marathon to triathlons, and I really never looked back at yoga again.

Until this morning. 

I was all set to do an early morning spin class when my friend at the front desk asked me if I was doing BodyFlow today.  I said that I was spinning, but as I was walking to the spin room, I decided to make a last minute switch-a-roo and head into the yoga studio.  Boy am I glad I did.  I think it’s been three years since I’ve stretched like that.

According to LesMills’ website, BodyFlow

is the Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance.

I definitely need to incorporate more yoga into my weekly workouts.  My muscles need the stretching, and I’m hoping it will help my back/groin/ass pain that is feeling slightly worse this week than last.  (I got an MRI yesterday and head back to the sports ortho doc tomorrow for him to read the films.) 

Sun Salutations – Can we be friends again? 

Do you practice yoga?  At home or at a studio?  What is your favorite type of yoga?



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7 responses to “Sun Salutations – Oh How I’ve Missed You!

  1. The Bikram Yoga Sarasota studio is only a few blocks from my office! I’ve been eying up the studio for a while now & want to take a class there really badly. I’ve only ever done yoga at home, or in classes at the YMCA so I definitely need to experience a “real” class. I don’t quite feel ready for a real Bikram class yet, but I definitely want to try it out once my endurance is up & I’m more familiar with the various poses.

    • Give Bikram Yoga Sarasota a try. I really enjoyed it there. I miss downtown Sarasota. Where do you work? I worked in the red brick building – the old Wachovia building.

      • That’s the building I’m in! (Funny how everyone knows it because it’s the only red brick one in all of SRQ!) I’ve been here for just over 6 years now & it’s been about 5 different banks since then.

        I will definitely try Bikram Yoga Sarasota a try – I’m thinking I should feel ready to do a full class in a couple months!

  2. This is a great post. I was just doing some more intense stretching than normal and kind of wondering how it compared to yoga. I’ve done one yoga class in my life and I was so sore for the next few days I could hardly sit down. 😦 But, I think I probably tried to do too much, too fast.I don’t have a studio nearby, but I could certainly look into a DVD and start slow.

    I have horrible balance, and I’m sure working on flexibility, balance and strength would help me with running and feeling better overall. Thanks!

  3. I have just been getting into yoga over the past 4 months and am really enjoying it…it’s become the ying to my yang, so to speak. Instead of 5-10 of stretching that I had to FORCE myself t do after working out, I am now doing my own routines up to 40 minutes and am running pain free as a result. YAY!

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