(Finally) A Run to Write Home About.

My runs have been pretty “eh” lately; surly nothing I would write home about.  I’ve enjoyed using the Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half-Marathon plan as scratch paper, but I haven’t really enjoyed seeing 9:30 or even 10 minute mile averages on some recent  runs.  Despite my rebellion against an organized plan, I have been increasing my mileage each week and hitting those long runs on the weekends.  I blame some of my“eh”-ness on my recently diagnosed  spondylolysis injury.

Part of this slump is mental; part of it is being bored on the road; part of it is a 9:30 pace just feels oh-so-comfortable; part of it is not wanting to push myself too hard and hurt myself even more; part of it is laziness.  I don’t know.   I could come up with every excuse in the book as to why my runs have been slower than what I’d like. But….

“I’m back, to let you know, I can really shake ‘em down.”


Boo-ya slow runs of my recent past. Jena and I crushed you today.  Last two miles fastest of the 8.  This is where I want to be with 5 weeks until the Gasparilla 15k.

I’ve been building mileage consistently and have not had a “fall back” week yet.  Next weekend my sister is visiting, so I think I will take it easy on my “long run” at 5 miles and then build my long weekend runs at 9  miles, 10 miles, ? miles, and then the next week is race day.

What should my “? long run” be the weekend before the 15k? Hal Higdon’s plan (the one I’m using for scratch paper) has a 10 miler the weekend before the race day. Hm….

How have your runs been lately? How do you get over a “eh” period in your training? (Sometimes I find great satisfaction in bitching and moaning to whoever is listening.)

Be well,


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  1. I’ve been having crap runs too lately. Luckily I haven’t started officially training for any races yet.

    I’ve also used Hal Higdon’s intermediate half marathon training plan. I like it a lot.

    Good luck on your 15k!

    – Caron

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