Plankathon Challenge Take 3

My first attempt at the plankathon challenge was 3 minutes – documented here

My goal for my second attempt was 3 minutes 30 seconds.  I attempted to reach that goal during my afternoon work break yesterday, but I was derailed at nearly 3 minutes in.  I looked up and saw my camera was off.  Totally a user’s error.  Opps!

I gave it another go last night before heading to swim practice – Plankathon Challenge Take 3.   I’m happy to say I reached my 3 minute and 30 second goal. 



Let me tell you, my arms were feeling it at swim practice.  I had to suck it up though because after a long “warm up” (500 free, 6X100 free, 6X 50 sprint 25/easy25), we had a timed set (200 yards – 1 minute rest – 900 yards)…. said to mimic the swim of an Olympic distance triathlon.  I finished the 200 at 2:23 and my first words were, “I would never go this fast at the start of an 1,100 yard race.”  After my minute break, I set off on the 900.  It was a mental challenge, because I was already tired.  I had to settle into a rhythm for the next 11 minutes and talk myself through it though. 

I finished, and I feel stronger than I did before I got in the pool that night. 

Maybe the planks helped!

I have a “split” 3 day weekend.  This afternoon and Monday morning I’m taking off to spend with my sister, Kathleen.

Kathleen and I

Dave is going to Miami for a guy’s weekend, so Kathleen and I will do what the McGee girls do best – get massages, pedicures, and the such.  I’ll be sure to throw in a bit more of my adventurous style though and am hoping she will be game for a canoe down the Hillsborough River.  The only part she doesn’t quite like is the fact there are lots of gators.  Next in line though is kayaking on Honeymoon Island or on Lido Key.  I’ll be happy with either. 

Enjoy your weekend.

Be well,



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4 responses to “Plankathon Challenge Take 3

  1. Gorgeous picture! I love that dress. 🙂

  2. Nice work! No way would I last that long, and I definitely don’t know if I could handle taping myself 🙂 Enjoy your fun weekend coming up!

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