A Beautiful Day to Celebrate Life

Yesterday my sister and I totally splurged and spent the day at Spa Oceana at the Don Cesar on St. Pete Beach.


It was a perfect day for pampering. 




We arrived early in order to enjoy the hot tub and sauna before getting our treatments – Swedish Massage, Express Facial, and a Pedicure. 


The massage was heavenly, and the atmosphere was beautiful.  When you walked into the massage room, you looked straight out into the Gulf.  It was crisp and clean and oh-so-relaxing. 

After the massage, we sipped cranberry hibiscus tea in the Whisper Room.  I could really get used to this pampering. 

Spa Oceana Whisper Room

Next up was the express facial where I got sprayed and slathered with lots of fruity beauty-potions.  The facial was nice, but after the massage, it was just so-so. This just confirms my favorite spa indulgence is massages.  I really like massages.

After the facial, Kathleen and I had an hour before our pedicure. No problem.  We headed to the rooftop garden where we read magazines under the veranda gazing at the Gulf. 

 Spa Oceana Rooftop Garden2Spa Oceana Rooftop Garden

Again.  I could really get used to this lifestyle. 

The pedicure left much to be desired – the lady who gave me my pedicure was not only cranky, but she gave me a pretty crappy pedicure.  Not to self – next time I’ll opt for the head massage. 

Our day ended with a beautiful sunset and a nice dinner at the Sea Porch Café.


The day was beautiful, and I’m so happy to have spent it with my sister. 

Earlier in the day, we received bad news though.  My (favorite) Uncle Jack was being rushed to the hospital in Philly in critical conditions.  My dad immediately jumped on a plane in Dallas and was at his side within 4 hours.  We couldn’t cancel our treatments and after talking with both my Dad and Mom, we decided that my uncle wouldn’t have wanted us to.


This day was bitter-sweet and in honor of my Uncle.  May your last days here on Earth be as beautiful as the sunset tonight.  Your laugh is the sound of sunshine coming down on me.  I love you.

I wanna go where the summer never ends
With my guitar on the beach there with all my friends…
The sun so hot and the waves in motion…
And I only wanna hear that sound…
That’s the sound of sunshine

Your life is a celebration. 



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3 responses to “A Beautiful Day to Celebrate Life

  1. This was a beautiful day and a great dedication to Uncle Jack. He would be so proud of both of you. He would end by saying “Good Deal”. We now have a new guardian angel.

  2. gorgeous photos!

    glad you enjoyed the beach drive and gettin all pampered. SO sorry about your uncle. 😦

  3. What a great way to honor a man who choose to live each day to the fullest. I love it!! Great song, too!

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