2011 Goals

Happy February.

I can’t believe how time is seriously FLYING by.  Life is good; I need to remember to s-l-o-w down and enjoy it all.  Yoga is nice for that.  A good meditation does my body good.  And a nice open run- with no gadgets telling me my speed.

My list of goals have been brewing for over a month now.  I really love the New Year as it is a time of year where I can reflect about where I’ve been, see where I’m at, and rework my plan moving forward.  I like working towards a goal, and I like putting a plan in action to get me there.

Not everyone does though.  I recently got the January Newsletter from ChristinaCooks.  You might have caught one of Christina’s shows on tv where she creates delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Christina’s newsletter started like this

Well, January’s pretty much behind us. Christmas seems a distant memory and a long cold winter stretches before us (most of us anyway). So, how many resolutions have you broken? Or did you just give up and not make any because you know you won’t keep them?

I hate resolutions. It’s like an annual reminder of all the things about you that need to be fixed. And when you break one…or all of them don’t you feel like a total loser?

I almost wanted to stop reading.  All these pessimistic with words like broken, give up, hate, need to be fixed, break, and total loser.   This was totally out of line with the tone of the other newsletters I’ve received from ChristinaCooks.  I was actually shocked, and I guess this is what prompted me to read on.

The mood did change to one of celebration by the end of the opening paragraphs, and I do agree that the New Year is a celebration.  Whether you make goals, resolutions, manifestations, dreams, hopes, wishes, or nothing at all, celebrate where you’ve been and where you want to go.

It is up to you how you want to live each moment, each day, and each year.

Here is how I want to live mine……

1.  All things NEW

This goal involves trying NEW things that either takes me out of my comfort zone or utilizes a local resource that I’ve overlooked or haven’t made time for.

  • Visit local parks
  • Long runs in a new city, park, neighborhood
  • Camp in a new location. (Make time for camping. period.)
  • Attend a local music festival.
  • Visit local gardens (Sunken Gardens, Bok Tower Gardens, etc.)

2.   Volunteer

I hope to find a local organization that I feel passionately about that works with my schedule and that I can stick with long term.

Some ideas I’m looking into are:

  • Become a “Running Buddy” with Girls on the Run
  • Volunteering at a road race
  • Habitat for Humanity

Any suggestions for other local organizations?

3. Help Dave with his business The Hardy Law Firm

Dave has taken the exciting, yet slightly nerve-wracking, leap to start his own law practice.  I am so proud of him for making this decision, and I am confident he will be successful in his endeavors.  We are a team though, so I must contribute my skills where needed.

  • Build his website in both English and Spanish
  • Make advertising materials
  • Be a supportive wife by cutting back my shopping habit (working on it), remaining upbeat, and generally interested in the daily “work” talk.

4.  Place for an Age Group Award

I would like to place in my age group at either a road race or triathlon.  This goal involves hard work training, remaining healthy, and keeping my eye on the prize (and perhaps lots of luck).

  • Run a 24:30 5k
  • Compete in 4 or 5 tris this season
  • Focus on speed – run 5k and 10k races
  • Compete in Master’s swim meets and open water swims

5. Be Healthy and Happy

  • Keep a gratitude and intentions journal each night.
  • Treat my spondylolysis injury and recovery properly for a successful Tri racing season.
  • Maintain my weight in the 140-143 range
  • Continue strength training
  • Bricks and two-a-days
  • Yoga, yoga, yoga!

6.  Professionally, continue to grow and excel in my role

I plan to continue to work hard in my role and work towards a promotion as Training Team Lead by early summer shifting my career towards managing.

  • Raise my customer satisfaction surveys from 4.9 to 4.92 (out of 5.0)
  • Attend ASTD seminars to further my knowledge of the industry
  • Attend ToastMasters to sharpen my public speaking skills


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2 responses to “2011 Goals

  1. Those are some good goals. Very inspiring. I wish I had more time to do yoga. I started out the new year with a Tracy Anderson bootcamp. According to the program, I’m not supposed to do any other workouts at the same time to get the best results (although I’m not following the meal plan; it’s way too calorie restricted and not vegan). I’m almost to the end, so I plan on bringing back the yoga here and there soon, along with some of my favorite Tracy moves.

  2. What a great reminder that how we live each moment is up to us! Love your list, and I think it’s a great balance of different parts of your life.

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