Safety First

Today was one of those unusual days where I awoke 5 minutes before the alarm went off ready to rock and roll.  I wanted to have time for Lucky’s daily 30 minute walk and squeeze in a  5 mile run before jumping on an airplane to Philadelphia to celebrate my Uncle Jack’s life (he preferred to eat off of his china  because “why the hell just look at it in the china cabinet every day of the year except Christmas and Thanksgiving?”).  Now this is a guy who didn’t take one day of his life for granted.

Uncle Jack

(Definitely not what Philly will look like this weekend but a pretty sunset in St. Pete Beach this past weekend that my sister and I say was in his honor.)Sunset for Uncle Jack

I was planning ahead because I envision it being a lot easier to jump out of bed in the pitch black in 70 degree weather (100% humidity, ew!) than in 20 degree ice and snow for a run.

When running in the pitch black though on deserted roads outside my neighborhood and a “nature” path without a soul in sight, I must take some safety precaution.  Admittedly, before moving to Florida I never took my personal safety so seriously.  I was vigilant when necessary, but I generally felt safe.  Here though, I always err on the side of caution.   Maybe this is a sign that I’m finally growing up.

Dave is Mr. Safety First though.  He had this nifty running vest that I used to refuse to be caught dead in (he even busted it out on one of our first “running dates” and despite his friends saying “it was over after that,” I still continued to go out with him.)


Now though, I don’t mind the vest.  I’ll forgo my little sense of fashion to avoid getting hit by a car.

I also decided to forgo the walk with Lucky and bring her along for the run.  I feel safe when running with Lucky.  Although she is small, she would kick someone’s ass if they tried to mess with me.

Lucky ran a strong .8 miles holding a 9-9:30 pace… but then she started to fade.  It was touch and go on the garmin for the next 1.25 miles before I decided it best if she headed home.  I finished the last 3 miles on my own in the ole ‘hood.

How do you stay safe on the road?

Be well,



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2 responses to “Safety First

  1. Yay for safety! I’m always amazed at how many runners (and cyclists) I’ve seen out there in pitch dark with NO lights or reflective gear – crazy! I wear either blinky red lights or a reflective vest on every dusk/dawn/dark run. (I can’t stand the vest flapping around on me & haven’t found one that stays put, thus the blinky lights.) I also carry pepper spray whenever I run alone just in case.

  2. I had the same issues with loud running vests and the like but, now, I don’t go out at night until I’m lit up like a Roman candle with reflective material, flashing strobe lights and the like so that I can probably be seen from orbit. You only see your life pass before your eyes once at the hands of an ignorant and distracted minivan driver, before you begin to consider your sense your fashion while out running. Never underestimate the probability of the next dipshit coming around the corner at high speed.

    Good decision on your part. How much would it suck if your triathlon hobby was cut short due to something that mght have ben avoided. Just saying…

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