Meanwhile, back in Tampa

JoJo, Lucky’s dog sitter, sends us photo updates three times a day. Looks like Lucky is doing pretty good! (from my iPhone so not sure how this will look.)



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3 responses to “Meanwhile, back in Tampa

  1. Lucky is adorable!
    when i dog sat for a few couples up here, i sent them daily pics of their puppers too.

    definitely makes the owner feel more at ease.

    LOVED that vegan list of Tampa Restaurants. Never been to any of them before!

  2. Lisa

    Wow, talk about a small world! I did a Google search for “vegan Tampa” and landed on this post mentioning your dogsitter (and my friend and catsitter), JoJo! Crazy! Nice to “meet” you, Carolyn, and I’m bookmarking your blog.

    • Wow. That is a small world! JoJo is a great dog sitter! We are so
      fortunate to have found her. Lucky is as happy as can be with her, and we love the photo messages. Nice to “meet” you to and other Tampa Bay vegans.

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