Holy Solar Power Batman!

My Pop-Pop is the an amazing man!  I am so fortunate he is still around.  He taught me how to drive his 90’s yellow Plymouth duster when I was a kiddo on the farm roads of New Jersey heading to the”Five and Ten” store.


He came to my elementary school and talked about the Jersey Devil and gave out TastyKakes.

I even wrote an article for a class as a child about how Pop-Pop is my hero.


Pop-Pop was a steel worker.  I will always envision him hanging off a steel beam overlooking Philly.  (Who knows if that is what he really did, but my little kid mind likes to hang on to this image.)


Pop-Pop now lives on his brother’s farm in New Jersey.

8920_179997896349_555861349_4177316_1666812_n 8920_179997831349_555861349_4177307_8129376_n 8920_179997826349_555861349_4177306_5600012_n

This is on his back porch.  Not a bad view.

My sister, Pop-Pop, and I8920_179997921349_555861349_4177319_7272480_n

When visiting Pop-Pop on Saturday I noticed a huge addition to the farm – Holy Solar Power Batman!

From his back porch:



Pop-Pop said the whole farm is now powered by solar energy, and they even sell some of the  energy back to the power company.  This investment will pay for itself in the next few years.

I also noticed lots of other solar panels on businesses and homes throughout New Jersey.  Like full roofs covered in solar panels.  I was pretty impressed.

One might think Florida, hello land of sunshine, would be jumping on the solar energy train, but I rarely see solar panels here.  And if I do, I’ve never seen them in the magnitude that I saw in New Jersey.  Entire home roof’s covered in panels.  Businesses.  Farms.  Etc.

Switch-a-roo back to Pop-Pop.







Please keep him in your thoughts.  We had a family get-together on Saturday where I thought he looked great.  My sister told me he mentioned a stomach ache to her, but he dismissed it at not being so bad.


Sunday morning, however, he used his “help bracelet” to call an ambulance.  I’m so thankful he has one of them for situations like this.  He had been sick all night.  He is fine, resting in the hospital with a virus and dehydration.

Pop-Pop get well!  We want to get you dancing again!

Do you have solar panels at your home?  Tell me about them.  What is the initial cost of investment?  How much do you save each month?

Be well,



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2 responses to “Holy Solar Power Batman!

  1. Nice about the Jersey Devil. I had a facination about that following a particular episode of the X-Files.

  2. Oh my – I hope your Pop Pop feels better soon! He sounds like a great grandfather.

    I really want to get solar panels too. Maybe we can put our heads together and figure it out. I’ll let you know what I find out…

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