Everything but the kitchen sink

That is how I travel. 


Lunch:  Veggie Wrap, chips, orange, piece of dark chocolate.
Dinner: Carrots  and chips with hummus, pineapple, apple?
Snacks: apple and a plethora of leftovers.

In other news, I tried Vega’s Whole Food Health Optimizer’s Vanilla Chai flavor this morning.  I think I’ll stick with Chocolate from here on out, but this was a nice diversion to my morning smoothie. 


I always get skeeved out when people post pictures of things with “bubbles.”  Sorry if I offend you.


Speaking of trying new things, I’ve snacked on Betty Lou’s Just Great Stuff bars recently – the Organic Caco Acai and Organic Chocolate Dream Greens.


They are delicious, but I should have known that since I love their protein “balls” –  spirulina ginseng and peanut butter balls are my favorite.  I’ll stop before this gets awkward. 


The Organic Chocolate Dream Greens IS dreamy.  This is amazingly delicious.  Greens covered in chocolate.  The way to my heart.

I’m off before I miss my flight.

Eat well… and don’t forget to pack your lunch. 



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2 responses to “Everything but the kitchen sink

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  2. Interesting. I’ve never seen the “Just Great Stuff” line anywhere. I’ll keep my eyes out for them. I usually stick to Go Raw bars and Lara Bars. I recently tried Oskri chocolate/coconut and am now obsessed. It’s more of a treat than a snack, but curbs that sweet tooth in a relatively healthy way.

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