Good morning San Francisco

Whew.  I feel energized. I mean, I didn’t when my alarm went off at 4 am, but I’ve recovered now.  9.7 miles, a Starbucks misto, and a shower later – I’m ready to take on the world!

Here is what it looked like when I started my run.


9.7 miles later.  Good morning San Francisco!  Hello Sun!


Are you wondering why I didn’t just run .3 miles more and make it an even 10?  Yeah, so am I.  I intended to run 9 miles, so an extra .7 is icing on the cake I guess.

I’m here for work, so I’ll be doing the business thing.  I will hopefully get to catch up with two friends though – one from high school and the other from the “summer of my life – beach job” during college.

I’ll also get the chance to meet with Ed who is about to embark on his RUN ACROSS AMERICA!  I’ve been matching him up with running clubs across the country to jog a few miles with him along the way.

Jan 21

Ed is running cross-country starting March 1st (!!!) to raise money for Freedom is Not Free and Souls4SolesYou can help him reach his goal of $25,000 by forfeiting today’s Starbucks coffee and donating a few bucks to either organization. Donate here.

What makes Ed cool (if running across America isn’t cool enough) is he is a vegetarian.  You can see him featured in Matt Frazier’s (uhm, hello no-meat athlete)  newest book – The Vegetarian Guide to Completing your First Marathon.

Don’t you want to know Ed’s secrets?  Yeah so do I.  Anyone who plans to run 50 miles a day for a few months is either crazy or onto something really good.

A teaser from Matt’s book…..

Ed Roshitsh, vegetarian athlete running across the entire United States this year, at 300 miles per week:

  • How someone trains to run across the country
  • The foods he eats for energy while running (hint: it’s not many carbohydrates)
  • Ed’s favorite vegetarian protein sources, and why soy isn’t a big one
  • The calorie-dense food Ed starts every day with, and another he eats 2-3 pounds a day of
  • Why he eats almost no grains
  • The exercise he swears by for training his body to run on “borrowed” energy

He is featured next to some pretty cool cats like Brendan Brazier, former professional Ironman triathlete and author; Richard Roll, vegan ultra-endurance athlete named one of 2009’s “25 Fittest Guys in the World” by Men’s Fitness Magazine; and Operation Beautiful and author Caitlin Boyle (a young and empowered chic doing great things in this world!)

Check it out.  And in the meantime, hop over here and donate to a good cause!

Thank you for your contribution!

Be well,


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