Home, Sweet Home

Flying from West Coast to East Coast eats up your day.

View from 16th floor hotel room – Financial District & Bay Bridge

I left San Francisco when it was dark this morning, and I landed in Tampa right after the sun set.  I seriously slept the entire flight home.  Not only was I tired, but I drank a lot wine last night.  Booking an 8 am flight was a really bad idea.  Actually, no, all those glasses of wine were.  Ah well, I had fun with co-workers at a cocktail party at the Starlight Room and into the wee hours of the night at a dive bar.

I was in San Francisco for my company’s yearly retreat.  We are headquartered in San Francisco; though I work remotely and travel often to client sites on the Eastern seaboard.

Welcome to San Francisco!

It is always nice to get together with my co-workers in the flesh since most of my communication with them is over skype chat or on conference calls.

I spent Thursday and Friday in team meetings and catching up with co-workers.  Also, Ed and I met for breakfast where we talked about work, life and his Run Across AmericaI can’t believe he is taking off in 14 days. Run, Ed, Run!

Sporting/Supporting the Run Across America shirt.
Get yours here for $15!

Saturday was retreat day.  I knew I would be sitting indoors all day long and not running Sunday morning, so I pulled myself out of bed early to get in one last San Francisco run.  5 miles along the Embarcadero.  I really, really like running in new places!

vo0bpTheir baseball stadium is beautiful – right on the bay!

Our retreat was focused on the DiSC assessment.

DiSC is an acronym for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, reflecting a four-dimensional model of human behavior. DiSC profiles use this model to provide detailed and personalized reports on such areas as how you prefer to communicate, how you approach problems, what motivates you, and what stresses you. DiSC can also help you to better communicate with those with differing styles.

We spent the day analyzing our model of human behavior, figuring out ways to work well with those in other models, and how we can use our model to not only help our company succeed but help us succeed.  I’m all for trying to be a better person, contributing more to my company and team, and finding ways to connect better with others… so I’d say the day was a success.

Can  you guess which model of human behavior I am?   (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness)

It was no doubt a long day though, and just when the group was starting to fade, our CEO lifted a black drape off an inconspicuous table in the corner to unveil iPads.

Yes, I’m now the proud new owner of an iPad.  No, Dave corrected me.  WE are now the proud new owners of an iPad.

Time for bed.  More on my DiSC assessment tomorrow!

Be well,


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