2011 Open Water Swim Calendar

I just found a 2011 Open Water Swim calendar.  This hidden gem (to me) is a much more extensive list of open water swims than my local United States Master’s Swimming organization’s website offers.  Check out the 2011 Open Water Swim Calendar from US Open Water SwimmingNote that the 2011 dates are in green!

Upon quick inspection, it looks like I can add the Hurricane Man (and I hope woman) Open Water Swim on May 7, 2011 at Pass-A-Grille Beach.



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4 responses to “2011 Open Water Swim Calendar

  1. I have to move somewhere warm as I’d love to incorporate some of those long open water swims into my Ironman training.

  2. Hey there, I’m attempting my first open water swim this summer – july, for a charity event. Sadly its in the Thames in London – doesnt look half as appealing as your image above!! And i bet it will be a bit colder..
    Any tips for first time open water swimmer much appreciated… currently training in a pool.

    • Hi Kate,
      Congrats of taking the plunge. I’d be happy to give you some advice. First though… I have some questions for you.
      How long is your open water swim?
      What are the anticipated water conditions on the day of your event?
      Will you have a kayaker to follow or will you be going to point A to point B by sight?
      How many people are doing the race?
      Do you have a link to the race?
      Do you plan to race the swim or are you just trying to finish?
      What is your background in swimming? Are you new to the sport entirely, or just to open water swimming?

      Looking forward to your response!

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